Sooooo the Spider-Man musical, right? It’s worrisome. With four injuries over just the last few months and an actress recently quitting because of a concussion, it has become infamous. Instead of canceling it for good and saying, “well it was a cool idea but it didn’t work,” Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark is simply postponed until February. In this economy?!

Well, accidents happen. Just look at reality shows! Here are some of the most accident-prone shows on TV.

Dancing With the Stars  From early on, many have referenced the “Dancing With the Stars Curse,” as star after star fell to injury. Two seasons ago, Nancy O’Dell and Jewel didn’t even make it to the first show. The most recent season, it was all about Jennifer Grey, who complained of aches and pains all season and wound up with a ruptured disk in night one of the finale. After she won the trophy, she got surgery to fix her DWTS damage.

Skating With the Stars  I mean, of course there are going to be injuries on an ice-skating show where the competitors have little to no experience skating. But a skating pro getting her finger cut up by a skate blade? And food poisoning/mysterious vomitous illness? Good thing Jonathan Novack was able to step in as an “understudy” at the last second. Oh wait, no it wasn’t.

Top Chef  Chefs are always cutting their fingers/hands on this show and it’s just gruesome enough to turn your stomach. What matters is how you handle the cut–do you tape it up, slap on a glove and keep going? Or do you go to the hospital and get three stitches (Jaime)? And then there was Top Chef: Just Desserts, where a certain contestant gave himself a panic attack and was not cleared to continue.

So You Think You Can Dance  So. Many. Injuries. Season 7 seemed cursed as Billy Bell, who couldn’t compete in Season 6 because of mono, suffered an injury after the other favorite, Alex Wong, was injured and had to leave the show. All this after Ashley Galvan left with the first injury. It was too much and left everyone questioning the choice to do a Fall season of SYTYCD. The dance gods proclaimed Fall unfit for dancing!

America’s Next Top Model  Is it just me or is some model like, always being wheeled out on a stretcher on ANTM? They get dehydrated and exhausted in the international locations, and sometimes they just get really, really sick. The glamorous life of a model!

The Amazing Race  Well, a watermelon hit a woman in the face. Maybe that’s a blessing in some cultures because that team pressed on and finished second in the end.

Survivor  Remember when that one guy fell into the fire? And sometimes the castaways enter the show injured (I’m looking at you, Dan!). Survivor has given us dislocated shoulders, broken toes, twisted knees, punctured legs, and blackouts. But, so far, they’ve all survived.

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Carla Patton

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