Less than a week until The Bachelor premieres and Brad Womack graces our TV screens once more! And you thought the season of gift-giving was over.

OK, but in all seriousness: I know some of us aren’t so stoked about Brad the Bachelor 2.0, but this new extended trailer reveals some positive signs for the upcoming season. As in, DRAMA. Watch as the women turn on each other, tears are shed, and a few villains make their mark, maybe even literally. According to the trailer (which, we need to remember, have a history of being much less than truthful) one contestant wakes up with a black eye. Did a jealous Janice bodyslam her face in her sleep?

Plus, a proposal! Maybe? WATCH:

Things always get catty in the Bachelor mansion, but is this the first time we’ll see the women get brutal in their pursuit of Brad? Or did Michelle punch herself to get attention? Either way, I’m already hooked on this crazy cast of “ladies.”

Also, this is just the best:

michelle-80ssurprise.jpgSomething just made Michelle “80s AGHAST”!

As we can see from most of the trailer above (the way she furiously slams her elbow into her fist, YIKES!), Michelle is definitely the one to watch this season.

One more sneak peek: Watch Jenny and Deanna visit Brad on the first night and express their supportive skepticism about his being The Bachelor again. First, he learns that they’re there:

Brad’s face when he learns that Deanna and Jenny are there (1:27) is so priceless. Here’s a brief clip of their conversation:

The Bachelor premieres January 3 at 8pm on ABC. Don’t forget to sign up for Bachelor Fantasy TV before then and predict which women will get sent home first!

(Image courtesy of ABC)

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