It’s time to put a bow on Season 7 of The Real Housewives of New York City. So far the ladies have been to work through most of their differences, but there is still one more part of the reunion to go. So let’s take a look at some of the battles on Part 3 so we can assess who ultimately comes out of the reunion with the most moral victories.

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Round 1: Heather vs. Sonja

The ladies give a round of applause for Sonja, who is wearing a dress from her own realized fashion collection. Heather tries to say she’s been supportive of Sonja this whole time, but the clip package literally just proved otherwise. Even Bethenny tells her that she was snide and cutting at times. Sonja and Heather go back and forth about the validity of Sonja’s brand. Sonja says she resents Heather and the other women for accusing her of “BS-ing” them when all she’s trying to do is live her dream.

Winner: Sonja
Heather is being an unbelievable snob. Nothing she’s done tonight or throughout the whole season toward Sonja has seemed sincere.

Round 2: Kristen vs. Sonja

Sonja was mad at Kristen in the season finale for talking to the press about Sonja’s toaster oven. But after seeing the footage, Sonja’s realized that Kristen really didn’t mean any harm. Sonja apologizes and the two agree that they’re in a much better place now.

Winner: Both ladies
Kristen didn’t do anything wrong. Sonja apologized. All’s right with the world for once.

Round 3: Ramona vs. The Sandman

Carole and Dorinda talk about their healing trip to London. While they’re having such a nice, touching discussion, Ramona can’t keep her eyes open. She nods off, which Andy points out is the first time any Housewife has fallen asleep during a reunion.

Winner: Ramona
After a couple of winks, Ramona rallies and re-joins the discussion.

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Round 4: Heather, Carole and Kristen vs. LuAnn and Ramona

It’s finally time to talk about the infamous night in Turks and Caicos when Ramona let a drunk naked man sleep in the room next to Heather’s. Ramona says she’s so new to being single that she didn’t know the rules of bringing a man home (she also claims nothing happened with him, which I’m not sure I’m buying).

Winner: Kristen
Surprisingly enough, it’s Kristen with the TKO here. In an authoritative voice, she says to Ramona, “It was inappropriate and sloppy of you to let a complete stranger into the house with the other women. It was gross and disgusting. And that, my friend, is breaking girl code.”

Round 5: LuAnn vs. Heather

Now that we’ve established whose naked man that was in bed, LuAnn has a bone to pick with Heather. She’s still mad that Heather (and Carole) barged into her room with a camera when she could have had a man with her. Heather insists that she was shocked and worried for her safety when she came into the room trying to figure out what had happened. Bethenny tells Heather to stop being so dramatic and that she’s acting like Scarlett O’Hara.

Winner: LuAnn
Heather was wrong to burst into LuAnn’s room. But these two manage to admit that they were both wrong and they exchange apologies. LuAnn gets up to hug Heather and it starts all of the ladies in on a giant hugging session. This may be the happiest reunion ever.

Overall Victor: Everyone!

In the words of Andy Cohen, this has been a real “girl power” and “lady bonding” session. All of the ladies seem to agree on the fact that they genuinely like each other and they share a camaraderie. They’re even all going to go out to dinner tonight because they enjoy one another so much. Who doesn’t love a happy ending?!

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