On Part 1 of The Real Housewives of New York City Season 7 reunion, the lines were drawn in the sand between the left couch and the right couch. But it was mostly LuAnn butting heads with Carole and Heather. In fact, Heather seemed to be pretty fired up toward just about everyone with the exception of Carole. Let’s see how the ladies use their cunning wit and sharp tongues as we count off the top quotes from Part 2 of the reunion.

“Here’s the good news: I don’t care.” – Dorinda

The ladies weigh in on Dorinda’s boyfriend, John. They all have their different opinions of them, mostly less than favorable, but Dorinda says they love each other and she doesn’t care what they think. She knows that if she screws things up with John, she’s the only one to blame. Do you, Dorinda!

“You had five too many dirty martinis, you were exhausted from the trip, and your underbelly of anger comes out with alcohol.” – Kristen

Kristen and Heather talk about how Dorinda can be a different person when she drinks. Dorinda claims she wasn’t drunk at the “F*** You” dinner in Turks and Caicos, which is absolutely ludicrous. She does manage to admit that she can get a little sensitive when she drinks, which is the understatement of the century.¬†

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“LuAnn does her best work in the restroom.” – Bethenny

Bethenny quips about LuAnn disappearing into the restroom at the singles bar. LuAnn doesn’t appreciate this comment, saying that the gentleman was simply escorting her to the bathroom and there was no funny business going on.

“She went down on me, but other than that, nothing happened.” – Bethenny

Another one of Bethenny’s jokes makes fun of Carole for having a sex dream about her. Carole says that nothing’s ever happened between them, but she appreciates Bethenny’s “female vibes,” whatever that means.

“You’re the anti-Countess.” – Bethenny

Bethenny says that LuAnn is much more approachable and more fun this season after fully embracing who she is. She says she painted herself into a corner as “The Countess” and she was glad to see her break free of that.

“She’s on a roll.” – Sonja

The ladies talk about the new, single Ramona. Sonja says that she has game and that her flirtation game is strong.

“It was an awkward, horrible moment out of a horror picture.” – Ramona

Ramona describes what it was like going to her home in South Hampton to find her husband and his mistress there. She said she was so much in shock that she pretended she was there to pick up her contacts, although in reality, things seemed to have gone a little worse than she’s even willing to talk about.

“I never liked Mario.” – LuAnn

LuAnn says that she never liked Ramona’s husband, and it all started when he called her “The Count-less” at a polo match all of those years ago. It may have been a snide remark, but it’s still one of my favorite burns to have come out of this show.

“We should call her “‘Ranona Ryder.'” – Bethenny

Dress Gate is still a thing and it’s still pretty unclear to what exactly happened. But Bethenny quips this should be Ramona’s new nickname because she definitely stole that dress from the set of her talk show. However, that’s something that Ramona is still unwilling to admit.

Next week: We’ll finally put a bow on this mess with the third and final part of the reunion.

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Gina Pusateri

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