The quarterfinal round of America’s Got Talent Season 10 comes to its official end Wednesday with the selection of the final seven acts joining the Top 21 semifinalists, and the varying opinions around the web world lead me to believe we may be in for some surprises in the results.

That’s not to say it’s not abundantly clear to me who should and shouldn’t be moving on, but if the other recaps and assessments I’ve been reading apply to the general public (or at least AGT voters) as a whole, then I might just be in the minority.

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Heck, we’re not even in agreement here at BuddyTV.

Who Stays and Who Goes

Before we get to whatever the heck Le Reve – The Dream is, let’s break it all down. 

Esteemed colleague Derek Stauffer and I agree that Freelusion and Oz Pearlman are safe, Mountain Faith Band is in danger, and Chapkis Dance Family, Selected of God Choir and DADitude! (who I don’t think is even eligible after getting four X’s) are locks for elimination.

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But that is where the similarities end. And before moving on, I’d be remiss if I didn’t once again mention that Oz Pearlman committed the cardinal sin of magic, GIVING AWAY THE TRICK with a poorly-timed sleight of hand. Here is the video. Take another look. Go ahead. I’ll wait. 

When Nick Cannon stands in front of him to reveal the results, you can clearly see Oz scrawling the “correct” number of gumballs on the other side of the card. I couldn’t find a single mention of it anywhere online in any of the other blogs I read, which simply supports my belief, people, that this is the unofficial official recap you want to be reading. Minds blown? I think not.

Still, Oz gets the benefit of the doubt this time. But once the veil is pulled back, it’s difficult to buy into the illusion again. Time will tell if he can literally recapture the magic.

The Chasm Grows Wider

Here’s were Derek and I veer off on dramatically different courses. He thinks the Professional Regurgitator is in danger, while I believe he won the night. 

He lists Benjamin Yonattan and Metal Mulisha Fitz Army as “going home,” while I predict they’re both sticking around (though we agree that the Motocross stuntmen are skilled, but guessing their vote total is tricky).

He envisions Alicia Michilli and Daniella Mass both making it, and though I acknowledge that is a possibility and what should happen according to my rankings, it’s certainly not a given. 

My call is that they’ll both be in the 6-7-8 with Mountain Faith Band, and the fact that they’re both singers will split the vote and allow the (gulp) blue grass group to squeak by thanks to their genius song choice. 

And then there’s the real rub. Gary Vider. The judges, sans one Heidi Klum, loved him, heaping praise on his set. I, however, was not a fan, and all the positive reaction I’ve read regarding his unfunny routine (his only usable joke was the burglar moving his roommate’s TV into his bedroom) has emboldened my stance that he needs to go. 

It was an easy call in my rankings, but if I’m right about only one thing, I hope that is it. Naturally, Derek has concluded he is safe. 

CLICK HERE for his reasons. I suspect the results will be a mixed bag for both of us.

Now on to the combining of sultry themes with aerial feats of strength and agility to captivate audiences through an ever-evolving storyline! (That’s what Le Reve – The Dream does)

The Live Blog Begins Now

The show kicks off with the traditional in-depth recap of last night, which includes shots of people laughing at Gary’s jokes (I made my fiance watch, with no prior input, then asked her what she thought of his set. The response? “It was terrible.”). The best moment is when Alicia refuses to talk to him backstage because she’s “saving her voice.” 

Then it’s time to announce the three bubble acts that will be competing for the Dunkin’ Save, and it’s Benjamin Yonattan, Daniella Mass and Gary Vider. And to me, that means Alicia Michilli is through, and Mountain Faith Band is out. 

As Nick interviews the acts up for the save, Gary says a vote for him is a win for every weird guy out there in the world. Puh-lease. Just take me to the Dunkin’ Lounge already.

Two Acts Go Straight Through

It’s time for the first results, and Nick calls out Mountain Faith Band and Selected of God Choir. Dang. 

Mountain Faith Band is safe

Guess there’s going to be a bit of a shakeup after all. Perhaps Derek was right about Metal Mulisha? I find it hard to believe more people voted for Benjamin and Gary that the daredevils. 

Next out is Chapkis Dance Family and Alicia Michilli. No question here.

Alicia Michilli is safe

Well, I guess no one is perfect. (Except that one time I was last season. That was nice.)

Le Reve – The Dream and Other Musings

In tonight’s pre-recorded portion, the judges are participating in a trivia game called Buzzer Buddies, where Team Heidi/Howard and Team Mel/Howie guess how their partner answered personal questions. Mel B. and Howie win in a tie-breaker, with the final answer being that Howie’s best feature is his smile. That’s Buzzer Buddies, folks. But you can’t slam down on your X, and you’ll never get that time back. 

Then Le Reve comes out, and it’s like 100 people doing all the best acrobatics and strength tricks that have appeared on this show in the past 10 years. I wouldn’t be surprised if there’s an AGT alum or two in the troupe.

There are hand balancers, human totem poles, ladies swinging on giant balls dangling from the ceiling, crazy flippers and people dancing on water. And the most amazing part is that every single dude is Bic bald. Now that’s something in which I’d like to see Howie participate. Like when I Can Do That was on after AGT

More Results Revealed

Next out to learn their fates are Stevie Starr and Oz Pearlman, and if both aren’t going through, we’ve got a travesty on our hands. 

The Professional Regurgitator and Oz Pearlman are both safe

Whew. That means there’s only space for one act between Freelusion, Metal Mulisha and DADitude!, and I think we know what’s coming next. All three acts step forward. 

Freelusion is safe

I’m surprised Metal Mulisha didn’t get enough votes to even be in contention (Really? Bottom four?), but thems the breaks.

And the Saves Go To…

Voting is closed and the results tallied, so who is America saving from having their outcome determined by the judges? With just 24 votes out of 250,000 separating the top two finishers, the Dunkin’ Save goes to…

Gary Vider is safe

Bleh. I just threw up in my mouth a little bit. And so Howard, Howie, Heidi and Mel B. will pick between Daniella Mass and Benjamin Yonattan, with a choice for the former making Derek a perfect 7-for-7 in his predictions. And I should probably just stop trying. Otherwise, we’ll both be correct on six out of seven. 

Heidi picks Benjamin Yonattan

Mel B. picks Daniella Mass

Howie picks Daniella Mass

Howard picks Daniella Mass

And so Mr. Stauffer is vindicated, at the expense of a 14-year-old who dances without the benefit of sight. America can have all the Gary Viders and blue grass bands in the world, but screw those blind kids.

At least I’m not bitter. 

I was going to update the main article pic with one from this show, but I’m leaving it as a tribute to, in case you forgot, the blind teenage dancer who you all sent home. 

Are you on board with these results? Or do you wish it had played out differently?

My petty objections aside, all the slots in the Top 21 are now filled. Ten of them plus one judges’ wildcard (WTF is that?) will hit the stage next week to compete for a slot in the finals, and I hope you’ll be back to watch (the singer-heavy lineup) along angrily with me. 

We’ll see you then, and please, stop voting for terrible comedians. 

America’s Got Talent airs Tuesdays and Wednesdays at 8pm on NBC.

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