Official photos from episode 4 of America’s Next Top Model cycle 22, “The Girl Who Has a Close Shave” airing August 26, 2015. The models participate in an emotional photo shoot that honors war heroes. Meanwhile, some of the girls-and guys- struggle to accept their new looks, with one of them locking herself in the bathroom.

#18 The Models Get Ready for Their Next Photo Shoot

#17 Mame with Paratriathlete and U.S. Army Officer Melissa Stockwell

#16 Devin Strikes a Pose with Retired Marine Corporal Turned Model Alex Minsky

#15 Alex Minsky with Yu Tsai

#14 All Eyes on Nyle

#13 Courtney Strikes a Pose with Alex

#12 Lacey Shows Off Her Moves

#11 Joe Zee, Yu Tsai and Erik Asla

#10 Joe Zee and Yu Tsai

#9 Ashley Gets Ready

#8 It’s Makeover Time!

#7 Ava Gets Her Hair Done

#6 Mame, Courtney, Mikey and Nyle

#5 Yu Tsai and Miss J Give Directions to Hadassah

#4 Miss J Imitates Courtney

#3 Courtney Changes Her Hair Color

#2 A New Haircut for Lacey

#1 Devin Does Not Look Happy

Dean Bextor

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