The live rounds of America’s Got Talent went out not with but a whimper. Maybe I was just in a mood while watching the third and final live rounds but I couldn’t help but feel that America’s Got Talent had saved its least for last. The contestants weren’t bad, you don’t make it this far in the competition by being bad. (Well… DADitude did make this far.) OK let me revise my statement. You don’t make it this far in America’s Got Talent if your act isn’t named DADitude.  

A lot of the non-DADitude acts were just a smidge off. There were at least one or two flaws in the majority of acts that could very well prove disastrous to their voting counts. There were a couple of stand-out acts as well but more duds than souring successes all around. I could easily see one or two of the acts that performed last night being in the final five but the five going home in the final quarterfinals were harder for me to pin down. Here are my best guesses for who is staying and who is leaving on America’s Got Talent in the last round of quarterfinals. 

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Who’s Safe?

Alicia Michilli: Alicia was the first act of the night who I felt 100% confident in her chances. The first hour of the third live rounds was admittedly disappointing but Alicia would’ve stood out even if she was on a more competitive night. She’s not the best solo singer in America’s Got Talent. She’s got a very cool persona and she’s definitely talented enough to earn a spot in the semifinals.

Gary Vider: I feel kind of guilty criticizing past acts especially ones that have already been eliminated but I will anyway. Gary Vider exceeded where Myq Kaplan failed. The two comedians have similar deliveries and on-stage characters but Gary’s jokes landed far better. I’d be worried in another night because the America’s Got Talent audience doesn’t always respond well to comedians but Gary is safe this week.  

Oz Pearlman: Mentalism might as well be real magic to me because I’m utterly perplexed at how it all works. The simple mentalist trick amazes me but it was clever idea of Oz to flip script for a live show performance.  Even if having the judges read him took a longer time to really get going it paid off in the end. Oz’s finish was incredibly strong as he used every one of his 90 seconds. I’m sure it blew America’s collective mind. 

Freelusion: In the moment I rather enjoyed Freckled Sky last week but Freelusion put them to shame. This was perfection in motion and absolutely mesmerizing. I’m with Mel B. I didn’t want it to stop and could’ve kept watching for another 90 minutes let alone another 90 seconds.  

Daniella Mas: I want Daniella to be safe so I will say she is, but I’m not as assured about her chances as I am about the other four in this category. She is technically an amazing singer. After Samantha Jackson was near the bottom in the first live shows week, I know a good voice is not enough to guarantee a top spot on America’s Got Talent. It’s really down to song choice. Broadway has a relatively small audience of fans. While I think she did a fine job I am also a fan of that genre of music. Daniela choosing a show tune, albeit a popular show tune, could hurt her chance with the rest of America. 

Who’s In Danger?

Mountain Faith Band: This group is just so pleasant and sweet. It’s also about the most mainstream bluegrass is ever going to be in a live performance. The vocals weren’t that strong though and some of the best acts of the night were musical in nature. Some of that vote might be split and Mountain Faith Band could be on the short end of the proverbial stick. 

The Professional Regurgitator: Three words: Why? No. Gross! The Professional Regurgitator is impressive. I just never want to see his act again and I pray America agrees. Mr. Regurgitator will probably go through because America likes disgusting things and he is oddly amazing. The act just made me so personally nauseous that I can’t put him any higher than in danger. 

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Who’s Going Home?

Chapkis Dance Family: Straight ahead dance acts have not fared well on this season of America’s Got Talent. Chapkis Dance Family won’t buck that trend. I don’t feel quite as negative about Chapkis Dance Family as Howard Stern. I’m also not as positive as the rest of the judging panel. My overwhelming feeling is one of ambivalence and I suspect America will feel the same and they won’t receive the votes.

Metal Mulisha Fitz Army: These guys are undoubtedly one of the most talented acts in America’s Got Talent. What they do is amazing and incredibly difficult. If you need a clue just listen to them talk (non-stop) about how many bones they’ve broken. The way America’s Got Talent films outdoors acts is just very irksome. There are a lot of different camera angles and close-ups and it all feels produced and fake. It’s like America’s Got Talent feels the need to dress things up to impress on the audience and it has the exact opposite effect. It immediately takes you out of the act. It’s so jarring dissimilar to the indoor performances which are shot like we as the viewer are members of the live audience. Metal Mulisha Fitz Army are skilled enough to go through but their overly produced package will more than likely send them packing.

DADitude: The fact that this was the first act, possibly ever, to get four X’s on live is all that really needs to be said of their future in America’s Got Talent. DADitude’s time on the show was so brief that I didn’t actually catch the name of the daughter who said that her dad is embarrassing. Unfortunately this unnamed “mysterious” daughter was right.  

Benjamin Yonattan: I don’t want to diminish Benjamin’s talents. He’s not just a good blind dancer, he’s a great dancer. He’s incredibly inspiring and important presence for the people of America to watch. He has a very simple act though. As I’ve mentioned before, dance acts, particularly simple dance acts, have not done well this season. I would hope Benjamin is the exception but it’s pretty unlikely. If he gets kicked out I hope he has a career outside of the show. He’s perfect for at least one or a semi-regular appearance on The Ellen DeGeneres Show.

Selected of God: I’m not really a fan of the sound of a choir. I appreciate it, but it’s not something I’d actively seek out. I have enjoyed Selected of God more than I expected given that they are a choir but last night wasn’t their best. I’m afraid their decision to not go with a contemporary or popular song will hurt them in the end.

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