Woot! It’s finally here. The makeover episode, more than any other episode, brings out the true personalities of each model. Some have left rather than let supermodel fashion diva Tyra Banks advise them on improving their look. A makeover can make or break a model’s chances on America’s Next Top Model, as we’ve seen. Tyra is usually spot on with her creative alterations, but she has been known to be way off. Remember Denzel’s tragic faux beard in Cycle 21? And what about Kari’s ice white hair and brows which stripped her beauty right off her? 

Will we hear more about Mikey’s desire to nail one of the women? Will Bello smack the crap out of Devin for being obnoxious silly? How far will Hadassah go to prove she’s the princess of the palace? Who will have a meltdown during their makeover? Finally, who will not be continuing on after the makeover episode? Let’s get to it. 

ANTM Recap: A Model Melts Down and a Beauty Queen Goes Home >>>

Hadassah and Devin Start Off With a Pissing Contest

“The Girl Who Has a Close Shave” opens with a congratulatory video message from Tyra to last week’s first call-out winner, the light- and thin-skinned Devin. Already people are talking about how Devin drives them crazy, but it’s Hadassah who decides to poke fun at his past role as the scarecrow in The Wizard of Oz. Devin doesn’t find it at all funny and a back-and-forth ensues. He accuses her of thinking she’s better than everyone else and that’s why she has no friends. Hadassah claims to be the underdog because of her lack of modeling experience. In her video journal Hadassah says she would never proclaim to the group that she’s above them … even if it were true. (Gahhh. Seriously, girl?)

Before we move on, Ashley and Mikey play a little kissy face in the bubblebath. Stefano makes it known that he is not an accessory, as Tyra intimated during panel last week. 

Visiting Veteran Military Fighters Tell Their Stories

Military veteran Purple Heart Recipients First Lieutenant, U.S. Army and Paralympian Melissa Stockwell and Marine Corporal Alex Minsky meet the crew alongside a bevy of military vehicles for this episode’s photo shoot. 

Melissa was in Baghdad when she lost her left leg in a roadside bomb explosion during a routine convoy. Alex was on a patrol when they ran over a bomb which left him with a brain injury and the loss of his right leg below the knee. 

The two talked of their recovery processes and how fortunate they feel to be alive. Ashley is moved by Alex’s story and refers back to her painful experiences with her brother’s friends who molested her. Nyle talks about how he feels disabled in this competition because of his deafness. He also feels quite lonely. 

Fashion editor Joe Zee joins the party for an editorial photo shoot and several of the models struggle. Justin, Mame, Alex and Ashley get strong photos. Nyle does a great job but he’s made to wear drop crotch pants that make him look like he took a dump in his pants. (Yuck.) Mikey had the drop crotch as well, but made it work in his favor.

Makeovers: Go All the Way or Go Home

Cristophe, lead stylist and owner of his own shop, joins Tsai Yu and the team. It’s make-over time! Once it’s all over, this makeover addition will go down as one of the absolute best in ANTM history. Nyle and Dustin get simple clean-ups, but others are much more drastic. Devin gets shaved and looks much more masculine. (Yes!) Bello, Mikey, Mame and Stefano get phenomenal extensions – Bello’s being about 34 inches of new hair. 

Hadassah has a mini meltdown when she learns Tyra wants to shave half of her head. After a “Come To Jesus” with Miss J., Hadassah reflects on the courage of the previous day’s veterans and decides freaking about her hair is crazy. She decides to trust Miss J., Tyra and Cristophe. Her bravery is commendable. I think she grew up a bit in that scene, though she’s still the lead narcissist of Cycle 22. 


Remarkable Makeovers Continue

Notable are four other makeovers. Ashley gets a stinking adorable Tyra chop and contact lenses. Ava gets a model mullet which she rocks. Courtney gets extensions as well as some teeth whitening, (though I wish she’d gotten that gap filled a bit). Lacey goes dark with an absolutely s-t-u-n-n-i-n-g bob. I’m calling it, folks. Best. Makeovers. Ever.

The Deaf Model Speaks Words of Wisdom

In the green room after make-overs, Hadassah is still upset about her hair as others also comment on their changes. We see Nyle typing into his hand-held that speaks for him. He says, “You are all complaining about hair, hair, hair. Do you hear me complaining about being deaf?” That puts an end to the bitching. Bravo, Nyle.

Unremarkable Panel Review

Panel following such fantastic make-overs is underwhelming. The most impressive photo was Ava’s whose pose gave her an additional five inches of height. 

Who’s Still in the Running to Be America’s Next Top Model?

Top Three: Ava, Mikey and Bello.

Middle Seven: Devin, Courtney, Justin, Nyle, Lacey, Mame, Dustin

Bottom Three: Ashley, Stefano, Hadassah

Rightly so, Stefano is sent home. 

Man, if Hadassah had been sent home I would have been disappointed. She’s beautiful and she did take that big risk by allowing Cristophe to buzz one side of her head. In hindsight, we should have realized that Stefano’s head was on the block when they showed that scene of Stefano being a total butt to Mame about who was next in the video journal line. 

And then there were 12. America’s Next Top Model airs Wednesdays at 8pm on The CW.

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