On the heels of the news that season 5 of The Originals will be the last, the show’s creator Julie Plec and members of the cast made a final group appearance at Comic-Con in San Diego. The gang discussed saying goodbye and also dished about what fans can expect when The Originals returns mid-season 2018 (Filming begins Monday, July 24 and will wrap in December.) What’s in store for Klaus, Hayley, Elijah, Vincent, Marcel, Freya and Hope? We don’t know all the deets, but we scored some pretty juicy teasers about what might await members of the Original family and how it will all end.

A Bittersweet Goodbye

One obvious topic during the panel was Plec’s recent announcement that season 5 would be the show’s last. Plec chose to use social media to announce the series was ending because it has been such a lifeline for fans.

Joseph Morgan (Klaus) hasn’t quite wrapped his head around the news, “I feel like it will all be a bit surreal, and then I’ll kind of wake up one day and go like…it’s gone, and that will be hard.” Morgan joked that his next project could be Dancing With the Stars. Overall, the cast is glad to have a goodbye season, and Yusaf Gatewood (Vincent) is happy they get to end the show on their own terms.

Love is in the Air

It has been confirmed that Candice King (Caroline) will appear in season 5. Morgan has always felt there’s been a sense of curiosity or something unresolved when it comes to Klaus and Caroline, and season 5 feels like the right time to explore their relationship.

Plec stated that as headmistress of Hope’s school, Klaus and Caroline are going to cross paths. Plec also noted that aside from Klaus’ family, Caroline has actually known him a long time and witnessed him undergo the transformation from “Klaus the Terrible” to Klaus the father. Plec believes Caroline “could be a boost for him when a time he needs it the most.”

At the start of the upcoming season, Freya (Riley Voelkel) and Keelin (Christina Moses) will still be going strong. Even though Freya is happy and in love, she desperately misses her family.

At the end of season 4, it seemed like Elijah’s (Daniel Gillies) and Hayley’s (Phoebe Tonkin) romance was finished for good. But nothing stays buried, and Plec said that Haylijah’s relationship is complicated, but she hopes they find peace in eternity (That doesn’t sound incredibly optimistic.)

Always and Forever

The panel opened with a clip that takes a look back at all the love, murder and mayhem surrounding the Mikaelsons, but it also gives fans a glimpse into future.

Yes, that’s Hope, and she’s all grown up, sort of. It appears there will be an eight-year-time jump which would make Klaus’ progeny a moody 16-year-old witch/vampire/werewolf hybrid. She’s keeping the “Always and Forever” legacy alive and well: “I intend to fight for always and forever, even if it destroys me.”

Tonkin indicated she’s nervous to play the mother of a teenager, but one of her favorite things about Hayley is that she puts family first and wants to create a better life for her daughter.

Plec also stated that she would love to have many guest appearances in season 5, particularly Alaric (Matthew Davis).

How it will all end remains a mystery, but Plec does want all of her characters to find peace, but that doesn’t necessarily mean a happy ending.

Other Originals’ news:

Joseph Morgan will direct episode 3 which will focus heavily on Elijah.

Vincent will find love, but Gatewood said that Vincent has lost too much to be truly happy. His contentment comes from protecting New Orleans.

How do you feel about the upcoming Klaroline reunion? Are you eager to see a teenaged Hope? Is there still a chance for Hayley and Elijah to live happily ever after? Let us know what you think in the comments section below.

The Originals will return to The CW in 2018. Want more news? Visit our Originals page on Facebook.

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