The upcoming series finale of Teen Wolf might end up being more of a pause button than a proper goodbye to the franchise. According to The Hollywood Reporter, MTV is already looking to reboot Teen Wolf before the finale stretch of episodes have even started to air. Though Scott’s story will reportedly wrap up, there could be a new version of Teen Wolf in just a couple of years on MTV. 

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While it is certainly strange for a reboot of a series to be discussed while that series is still airing, this news is not that surprising. Teen Wolf has been a very important franchise for MTV in recent years and though the show is ending the ratings have not dwindled that much. The decision to end Teen Wolf seems to be more of a creative one than a business one. 

“These characters and these stories have hit a peak. We are talking with Jeff about how do we actually keep that franchise alive,” said MTV president Chris McCarthy. The eventual plan is for Teen Wolf to return to TV, with all new cast though some characters might return. In the more immediate future however, the plan is continue the story that is told in Teen Wolf season 6B in a series of podcasts. 

“The beauty of the evolution of media is you can see the series going on through a series of podcasts and then see a resurrection of a new class in a couple years,” McCarthy explained. The podcasts following Teen Wolf’s series finales are set to be done in the style of Serial, so that likely means the stories would be audio-only. Any other details were not given.

“The heart of MTV is around these timeless issues of young people and coming of age, but the timely piece will be the whole new cast, new set of issues and stories to explore through them,” McCarthy added. “With Teen Wolf, we have such a beautiful gem. And when you have a creator like Jeff that is such an amazing partner and the fan base that is hungry for more, we’re crazy not to.”

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It is all very strange but it might end up being a blessing in disguise for Teen Wolf fans. The heart of the show is certainly its characters. Teen Wolf, in its current iteration, is really nothing without the bonds that Scott has formed with his pack but there is a big enough world to Teen Wolf that another show could exist in the same universe. Throughout its six seasons Teen Wolf has constantly added new bits of mythology and different monsters to the world of Beacon Hills. For that to all stop when Scott’s story comes to a close would feel strange. 

At the same time there likely isn’t that much more story to be had in another high school setting. It seems clear from McCarthy’s comments that MTV is planning a reboot (or sequel series) in another high school with another new class of characters. Teen Wolf has explored nearly every angle possible for supernatural teenagers in this particular world. There doesn’t need to be another look or take on that particular setting. 

A more interesting reboot idea would be to take a completely different angle and explore the world that way. A story about human hunters would be more interesting than another werewolf pack. Even a cast of characters who are not in their teens would be better, though this would obviously lead to the dropping of Teen Wolf name. Another high-school setting seems like the wrong way to take things especially this close to the ending of the original series. 

The most worrying thing is the podcast continuation. While it is all very mysterious for now the plans for a podcast continuation before the series even aired its finale makes it seem like season 6B will end on a cliffhanger. A cliffhanger that will be resolved in a media that exists outside the show would be a terrible mistake for everyone involved. 

What do you make of the podcast plans?

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