The girls face more career problems in this episode of The Bold Type, and things get even more complicated as they try to balance their personal lives with their work at Scarlet. Jane deals with repercussions of her “orgasm article” and kiss with Ryan. Sutton tries to prove that she made the right decision in turning down the ad sales job. And last, but certainly not least, Kat’s identity question is sidelined as she faces online harassment. Will everything work out for our girl power trio?

“The Woman Behind the Clothes” opens by addressing one of the most memorable parts of the two-hour premiere: Jane’s spontaneous kiss with Ryan. Jane talks to Ryan about their kiss, and he gives her his number. She calls him immediately and asks him to go get a drink. He agrees.

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The Girls Try New Things

In the office, Jane pitches Jacqueline a profile piece on an up-and-coming female congresswoman. Jacqueline agrees, if Jane can get an interview. Meanwhile, Matt tells Sutton about an open position in fashion. Kat explores the world of VR, and Jacqueline suggests that she make a presentation to the board the next day … and then one of the VR testers throws up.

Later, Jacqueline, Lauren and Sutton find out that a fashion designer pulled out of their Planned Parenthood fundraiser. Oliver, in the fashion department, is scrambling to figure out outfits for the event, and Sutton offers her help.

The girls help Jane prepare for her date with Ryan. Kat finds out that VR is sexist. When inquiring about why her tester threw up, the VR company asks if the woman was menstruating, saying this affects the VR experience. In response, Kat writes a digital piece about VR sexism.

Jane meets Ryan for a drink at his apartment, and things are going well. Their moment, however, is interrupted by intel that the congresswoman Jane is trying to interview is getting a town car at a hotel. Jane rushes off to get the scoop but insists on a follow-up date.

Problems Arise for Everyone

Sutton, on the other hand, is getting caught up between her actual boss and Oliver. She tries to balance doing work for Lauren and helping Oliver with the show to make herself look good for the fashion job.

When Jane catches the congresswoman outside the hotel, she is dismissed after saying she’s from Scarlet.

The next day, Kat is being vigorously trolled on Twitter due to her writing on sexism in VR. She is even receiving rape and death threats. Right before her meeting with the board, Kat finds out that the trolls have posted a topless photo of her. It leaves her shaken, and she has to exit the meeting with the board.

Jane is able to snag an interview with the congresswoman by saying she’s doing a piece on her style. During the interview, however, Jane is shut down as soon as she begins to question the congresswoman’s politics. Sutton continues to struggle to do two jobs and is criticized by her boss, Lauren.

Defeated, Jane goes to Ryan’s for her follow-up date, but things are soon ruined when she sees that he’s writing an article about “Why Girls Fake It,” in response to her orgasm piece.

Kat faces even bigger problems when the Twitter trolls tweet out her home address. Her spirits are lifted, though, when a female executive of a VR company reaches out and offers her support.

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The Girls Triumph

After HuffPo publishes a profile on the congresswoman, Jane takes a new angle to her story, realizing that the congresswoman uses fashion as a smokescreen to distract from some of her politics.

With the help of the VR executive, Kat starts a #TypeWithKindness campaign to stand up against the Twitter trolls. The VR executive agrees to partner with Kat and Scarlet.

Sutton finally confronts Lauren about her future, and Lauren agrees to help get her the job in fashion. Adena texts Kat and says they need to talk about something in person. Finally, Jane reads Ryan’s article and realizes that it was not at all what she had thought. They kiss. End scene.

What did you think of this episode? What did you think of the way the show handled cyber bullying and Internet trolls? So far, it seems like everything wraps up neatly at the end of each episode, so what do you think will happen next time? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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