On this episode of Suits, “The Statue,” Harvey makes a bold move as head of the firm and faces opposition from Donna and Louis. Meanwhile, Mike takes on his first pro bono case.

Since Harvey now has carnal knowledge of Dr. Agard, I think it’s time we start referring to her as Paula. I’m sure fans are as disappointed as I am that Harvey chose the bland, blonde head shrink over Donna, but it doesn’t look like Paula is going anywhere anytime soon.

Daddy Dearest

Louis is spending time with a mental health professional as well. He’s still reeling from his break up with Tara and is trying to figure out how to win back the girl. Louis reveals that the source of his heartbreak is really the baby — he’s afraid he’ll never be a father.

Mike Gets Blindsided

Mike takes on his first pro bono case. An insurance company is denying a man named Harry Kirst’s claim. Harry’s wife died in a car accident, but the company claims she lied about being a smoker on her application. They have a picture of the woman with a cigarette in hand eight months prior to her death, even though she quit five years earlier. Harry tells Mike it was a one-time deal, but Mike says that’s enough to nullify the policy. If Harry doesn’t get that money, his family will lose their home, so Mike promises to come through.

Mike heads to court to argue against his case getting dismissed, and the opposing counsel, Ackerman, wastes no time decimating Mike and his credibility by bringing up his past as a fake lawyer. Mike argues it’s inadmissible, but since they’re arguing whether or not Harry’s wife entered into a contract in bad faith, Ackerman claims Mike’s history practicing law in bad faith is very relevant to a jury. The judge tells Mike that if he takes the case to trial, Mike’s history will be admissible.

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Mike confronts Ackerman who is willing to offer a settlement for pennies on the dollar and urges Mike to take it. Mike may have managed to not get the case dismissed, but Ackerman argues how Mike thinks 12 jurors are going to trust him.

Mike takes the offer to Harry and is forced to tell the man about his shady past. Mike insists he can still win, but Harry sees things differently. He believes the jury is going to think his wife lied, and then he went out and hired another liar to cover it up. But Harry went to 15 other firms before coming to Mike, and they all turned him down because of the photo. Mike was his only hope, and now he’s certain they’re going to lose. Mike promises he won’t cost Harry the case.

Harvey Flexes His Muscle

Harvey is trying to make his first big move as managing partner. He wants to bring on a new attorney, Alex Williams. Alex will bring a huge client with him, but it will mean losing a longtime client, Jim Reynolds, favored by Jessica. Also, Alex also wants to be a name partner. Louis isn’t willing to slap some guy’s name on the wall just because he’s bringing the firm a big client. Harvey reminds Louis he claimed to be on board, so Louis backs down.

Louis immediately runs to Gretchen and makes it clear he wants her to dig up any dirt she can on Alex Williams. Gretchen suggests there has to be another way to get Alex’s client. If Louis can get the client, they won’t need to bring Alex on board at all.

Donna tells Harvey straight to his face that she thinks he’s making a mistake ditching Jim Reynolds, especially without telling Jessica first. Harvey argues that the whole reason he’s doing this is to show Pearson Specter Litt is his firm now and running to mommy sends the wrong message. Jessica questions what kind of message Harvey is sending their other clients if he’s willing to toss a loyal client over for the next big thing. Harvey dismisses Donna’s concerns, stating she should have had the balls to speak up at the meeting.

Harvey gets a call from Alex who has learned that PSL is trying to poach his client. Harvey immediately knows Louis is responsible. Louis says he knows Harvey really wanted the client, Pfizer, and he was trying to make it happen. But Harvey argues what he really wanted was Alex, his friend of 15 years.

Louis thinks it was stupid of Harvey to offer Alex name partner in the first place. He questions who gives the house from the start? Louis tells Harvey if he wants Pfizer to go get them but not to bring in some Johnny-come-lately to water down the name of the firm. Harvey accuses Louis of being afraid of being displaced by Alex.

Louis stands firm. He reminds Harvey that in order to bring in a new partner he needs his vote or Jessica’s, and if Harvey thinks Jessica is going to sacrifice Jim Reynolds for someone she doesn’t even know, Harvey’s out of his mind.

Second Guessing

Since the judge is now prejudiced against Mike, and it’s probably the jury will follow, Mike asks Rachel to take over the case. But when Jessica goes to Harvey and explains the situation, Harvey refuses to let Rachel fill in.

Harvey tells Mike that if he lets Ackerman bully him, he’ll be backing down for the rest of his life. Mike swears he isn’t backing down, he’s buying time, so he can make sure something like this doesn’t happen again. Harvey suggests that Mike stop apologizing and start intimidating.

Harvey flies to Chicago to see Jessica. Jessica’s already gotten the “heads up” from Louis. She understands that Harvey wants to make a statement, but if he rushes into this deal, the only statement he’s making is that he isn’t ready. Harvey accuses Jessica of being pissed because he’s dumping her client for a better one, but Jessica claims that’s something he’d be pissed about because he’s never been able to look at the big picture.

Harvey tells Jessica she wants it both ways — to live in Chicago but keep her name on the wall because she can’t let go of his firm. Jessica says if that’s how he feels, he should take her name off the wall and do whatever he wants.

Mike has an idea. He wants to try and prove that the insurance company has a history of not paying claims that they should. He recruits Rachel to help. She meets with Ms. Cromwell who has been forced to work as a legitimate headhunter since word got out about her underhanded activities (corporate espionage). Needless to say, she’s not eager to do any favors for PSL.

Mike tells her Harry’s sob story, but it doesn’t sway Cromwell. But she is willing to do some digging for the tidy sum of 50k. Rachel wants to find another way, but Mike agrees.

Louis has another session with his psychiatrist to talk about his recent trouble at work. He thought that once Jessica left, it would bring him and Harvey closer as partners and friends, but instead he feels he’s being replaced. Louis’ doc advises Louis to stop being driven by his emotions because that’s what drives people away.

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You Get to Be a Partner and You Get to Be a Partner…

Katrina goes to Harvey to discuss Donna’s partnership. One of the main reasons that Katrina returns to PSL is because she’s on track to become a senior partner. Katrina believes Donna deserves a promotion, but making partner means something, and Katrina fears being one at PSL won’t mean what it used to. In other words, if a secretary can become a partner the title loses its cache. Harvey assures Katrina that being a partner will still mean something, he’ll make sure of it.

Harvey has a change of heart about Alex. He explains that being a name partner means something, and he can’t just give it away to make a statement. The deal for Alex to come to PSL stands, and Alex takes it.

Fresh Starts

Cromwell digs up a memo that Mike shows to Ackerman. The memo is from the insurance company’s senior management to their sales force outlining their policy of doing whatever it takes to avoid paying claims. And if there’s anything jurors hate more than fake lawyers, it’s insurance companies that rips off widowers and children. Mike wants Ackerman to call a reporter and tell them how he thought he was going to wipe the floor with a fraudulent attorney but now hopes he never has to go up against him again. Mike is willing to forego a mission of guilt but not out of self interest. He just wants to make sure that men like Ackerman never try to use his history against Mike’s clients ever again.

Harvey breaks the news to Donna that she can’t be a partner because a law degree is kind of part of the package. He offers her a position as Director or Personnel, but Donna isn’t going to settle for being a glorified office manager. She asks Harvey to make her COO, citing several other firms who have non-lawyers who hold the position. So, Donna becomes PSL’s COO.

Harvey also kisses and makes up with both Louis and Jessica. Harvey may not have been ready to take charge of PSL, but he is now.

Will Alex come between Harvey and Mike? Was Harvey right to rescind Donna’s offer? Will Louis really change his ways? Let us know what you think in the comments section below.

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