Game of Thrones Season 7 premiered on Sunday, with fans around the world full of anticipation. The episode certainly didn’t fail to deliver. Whether you wanted to see Arya’s next moves or how Jon and Sansa would cope with the tension in the north, you got glimpses into the world of Westeros. Storylines are finally coming together.

While not one of the most invigorating scenes, the best moments throughout the Game of Thrones Season 7 premiere involved The Hound. Sandor Clegane was once the villain of the story, but you just couldn’t help feel for him. There’s hope that redemption is possible.

The Hound Sees the Devastation He Caused

Way back in Game of Thrones Season 4, The Hound and Arya came across a farmer and his daughter. It initially looked like a throwaway storyline, more for The Hound to see the type of man he could be if he chose to be and for Arya to learn the dirty way of the world. When the two left the farmer and the daughter, many fans believed that would be the end. We just had to believe that the two wouldn’t survive the winter.

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However, The Hound returned in the Season 7 premiere with the Brotherhood without Banners. He was uneasy from the first moment of seeing the house, knowing what he would find inside. The house was desolate, cold and abandoned, so nobody could live there. It was only going into the house that The Hound saw the aftermath of his previous actions.

The farmer and his daughter were starving. Rather than go through the pain, the farmer ended it for both of them. While The Hound’s actions may not have been completely to blame, he certainly contributed to them. There was a guilt in his eyes, as he realized everything he had done. From this moment it was clear that he wants some type of redemption for his actions, and that would start with giving the two a small burial.

Confirmation the White Walkers Will Cross the Wall

While we didn’t get to see The Hound’s vision, he explained it clearly enough to know what to expect. At one point he says the dead will march past The Wall, making it clear that The Wall will eventually fall. The battle against the White Walkers will come.

For seasons Thrones fans have waited for this moment. Ever since the pilot, we’ve known that the White Walkers are real, but it wasn’t until Hardhome that we really understood the gravity of the situation. Now The Hound has seen that the only future is one filled with ice and death.

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Even Beric Dondarrion looked shocked to hear The Hound talk about The Wall. Whether that was because he didn’t truly believe The Wall would fall or was just shocked that The Hound had seen something is unknown right now. However, it was one of the most important parts of the whole episode, as it makes it very clear winter is here and so are the White Walkers.

Do you think The Hound had the best scenes in the Game of Thrones Season 7 premiere? Where will his journey take him throughout the season and will he find redemption? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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