The Flash might have ended on the biggest cliffhanger of any of The CW’s superhero shows. In the season 3 finale, Barry willingly imprisoned himself in the Speed Force and the team was left to go on without him. At San Diego Comic Con, The Flash explained how the show will go on (at least temporarily) without Barry and what can be expected from season 4 overall.

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With Barry gone, Cisco and Wally will be stepping up as the costumed heroes of Central City. If the season 4 trailer can be believed though it is Iris West, who will be the new team leader. Iris is taking Barry’s final words to heart and not being consumed by the pain of losing of him. While the trailer shows nearly everyone around her wallowing in Barry’s loss, especially Joe and Cisco, Iris is showing a steady resolve to continue saving the day. 

Iris won’t be the only strong lady on Team Flash. Danielle Panabaker, who plays Caitlin Snow, confirmed that Caitlin would be back with Team Flash … as well as her alter ego Killer Frost. Panabaker played very coy with the audience and didn’t exactly explain how but she said that Killer Frost and Caitlin will both appear in season 4. Fans of both characters will not be disappointed. 

Gypsy will also return for season 4. There will be even more interaction between the dimension hopping hero and her burgeoning romance with Cisco than in season 3. Season 4 will also introduce more about the character. Gypsy’s father, who will be called Breacher, is set to make an appearance and he will played by famous character actor Danny Trejo. 

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Trejo wasn’t the only casting news that was broken at the panel. Neil Sandilands, from The 100, has been cast as season 4’s Big Bad, The Thinker. The Thinker will be joined by a female companion villain going by the name of The Mechanic. Kim Engelbrecht will play the character and she will design and devise devices for The Thinker in his battle with Team Flash. It will be a battle of mind versus speed with The Thinker, rather than the usual speed vs speed conflict. 

The cast also talked about the criticisms of season 3 and how many fans felt got too dark. They promised that there was a real effort to change things in season 4. The Flash will get back to its happy and optimistic roots in the new season. 

Other Panel Highlights:

Grant Gustin is terrible at keeping secrets. He knew that Barry was Savitar and told most of the cast very early into season 3

– Gustin also told Candice Patton that Iris would not die in season 3 before the producers did

– Joe and his girlfriend Cecile will still be together in season 4 and going strong  

– There will be more crossovers but it wasn’t discussed how many and with what shows this year

– Tom Cavanagh is has several more versions of Harrison Wells that he wants to play 

The Flash will return for season 4 Thursday, October 10 at 8/7c on The CW. Want more news? Like our Flash Facebook page!

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