Another casting change is bound to happen on The Biggest Loser next year now that trainer Anna Kournikova, who joined season 12 as a replacement for Jillian Michaels, has announced her departure from the NBC competitive reality series just after one season. 

In a statement to The Hollywood Reporter, the former tennis player said, “I enjoyed my time on the Biggest Loser ranch. Although I will not be returning as a full time trainer on season 13, I will always be a part of The Biggest Loser family and my commitment to bettering lives through health and fitness will continue.” 

So what could be the reason behind her short-lived Biggest Loser gig? Many are not fond of Kournikova’s tough love as some would say that she was even more harsh than Michaels. There have also been reports alleging that she didn’t get along with the production team. However, her rep tells People Magazine that “Anna was 100 percent not fired from the show.”

Meanwhile, contestants from the show have shared their thoughts on the issue:

“One of the things about The Biggest Loser is that there’s a difference between someone being able to train people versus training overweight people,” former contestant Patrick House told People Magazine. “Bob and Jillian are great at training obese people and pushing them to their limits and getting more and more. I think you have to adapt to that and I think that’s what she struggled with.” 

“I think one thing Anna did was that she never tried to be Jillian,”Biggest Loser alum Hannah Curlee said. “For her that was her biggest achievement. Because no one else is going to be Jillian, no one is going to replace her.”  

How do you feel about Anna Kournikova’s exit? Do you think that she’s just the first in what may be many replacements for Jillian Michaels? Leave a comment below!

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Dean Bextor

Staff Writer, BuddyTV