NBC has released its mid-season lineup, and much like the network itself, it’s a total mess. Shows are moving, getting delayed, starting and stopping, and fans will most likely have a hard time trying to find what they’re looking for.
NBC is hoping to hit it big with the return of The Voice, as well as several new shows, including the musical drama Smash, the legal drama The Firm and the new sitcom, Are You There, Chelsea? Notably absent from the mid-season lineup is Community, which will take a winter hiatus, and the highly anticipated new drama Awake, which will debut later in the spring.

The network is clearly avoiding scripted programming, as more than half of its line-up is unscripted, due largely to two-hour episodes of its reality competitions.

Here’s the schedule, if you can follow it.

MONDAY (starting February 6)
8pm: The Voice
10pm: Smash

The Voice will premiere with the coveted post-Super Bowl slot on February 5, and these two shows with both premiere in their Monday time slots on the following day, February 6.

TUESDAY (starting January 3)
8pm: The Biggest Loser
10pm: Parenthood/Fashion Star

Parenthood‘s season finale will air February 28. On March 13, the new reality competition Fashion Star, which is essentially Project Runway hosted by Elle Macpherson,  will premiere with a two-hour episode at 9pm. The following week it moves to its regular time slot at 10pm. I have no Earthly idea why that show isn’t on Bravo where it so clearly belongs.

WEDNESDAY (starting January 11)
8pm: Whitney
8:30pm: Are You There, Chelsea?
9pm: Rock Center with Brian Williams
10pm: Law and Order: SVU

-The Brian Williams newsmagazine will start its new time slot February 8.

THURSDAY (starting January 12)
8pm: 30 Rock
8:30pm: Parks and Recreation
9pm: The Office
9:30pm: Up All Night
10pm: The Firm

The Firm will get a special two-hour premiere on Sunday, January 8 at 8pm.

FRIDAY (starting February 3)
8pm: Who Do You Think You Are?
9pm: Grimm
10pm: Dateline NBC

-These shows will come after Chuck has its two-hour series finale January 27 at 8pm.

SUNDAY (starting February 12)
7pm: Dateline NBC
8pm: Harry’s Law
9pm: The Celebrity Apprentice

-Two-hour episodes of Dateline will air until Harry’s Law begins March 4.

Obviously missing from the current schedule are Community and Prime Suspect, as well as new shows Awake, Bent and BFFs, which will all premiere later in the spring.

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