More pressing matters (the America’s Next Top Model All-Star cycle, so very pressing) have kept me from posting minute-by-minute Bachelor spoilers in the last few weeks, which is actually great, because now we’ve got a lot of fascinating/hilarious stuff to cover in this roundup. (Obviously, if you don’t want to be spoiled, stop reading.)

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And we’ve been hit with biggest, juiciest, hollow-est spoiler yet! So let’s get right to it.


Reality Steve revealed that one of Ben’s ladies fell for a producer instead of the Bachelor, and asked to leave the show. Says Steve, “At the time of the incident, when she informed the crew that she had fallen for the producer, somehow she ended up staying another week. Don’t know what was said, I wasn’t there. I just know that in the city that she came forward with her admission, she wasn’t eliminated in that city. So somehow they convinced her to stick around. Eventually she was eliminated.”

Granted, that’s not much to work on, since Steve didn’t reveal the woman’s name, and said he doubts any funny business went on between the girl and the nameless producer, who’s not only married, but is basically paid to flirt information out of his contestants. He’s even doubtfult that the story will make it to air, since, unlike Rozlyn Papa Saga during Jake Pavelka’s season, the feeling appear to be one-sided and there was no physical contact. “This girl just started having feelings for him, told other people about it, wasn’t in to Ben anymore, and asked to leave the show,” says Steve.

Told you it was a big and juicy yet ultimately mostly hollow story. Moving on.


THE FINAL ROSE CEREMONY: Is happening at the Matterhorn. The real one, not the Disney Land roller coaster I threw up on that one time. But that doesn’t mean the girl who gets rejected by Ben won’t throw up all on her own!

PUERTO RICO IS THE BEST: Why? Because The Bachelor came to film in Puerto Rico, and everyone thought they were filming a porn! HA HA HA! Totally makes sense. Thank you/good work/so very sorry, Puerto Rico.


Since last we checked Reality Steve’s spoilers, he’s added these women to his ever-growing list of contestants on the upcoming Bachelor season:

  • Courtney Robertson: A professional model from Santa Monica. She’s very pretty, no duh. Photo here, Caesar’s Palace commercial here.
  • Rachel Truehart, 27: A sales rep at Lucerne Textiles in New York. She makes it at least as far as Puerto Rico with Ben. Photo here.
  • Kacie Boguskie, 24: A former majorette (!!!) from Knoxville, Tennessee who works at Genera Energy LLC. Can’t wait for her First Cocktail Party baton twirling display. Photo here.
  • Anna Snowball: All we know is that she’s from Grosse Pointe, Michigan. AND HER LAST NAME IS SNOWBALL. I hope she sticks around forever. Photo here.
  • Monica Spannbauer: She’s from Salt Lake City, Utah and works in dentistry.
  • Amber Bacon, 23: A maternity nurse from British Columbia who gets eliminated the first night. I guess Ben isn’t as crazy about bacon as I am.
  • Emily O’Brien: A 2nd year medical student at UNC. She’s from Charlotte, NC, and Steve says that she’s a “frontrunner,” and “if Ben doesn’t pick her, you might wanna pencil her in for the next Bachelorette.” Photo here.


Ah! Obviously from the title, this is the best section of the roundup.

I Belize I Can Fly… Want to read a first-person observer’s account of when she stalked Ben and Emily O’Brien on their one-on-one in Belize? Of COURSE you do. There is nothing you’d rather do. That’s basically what we do every week when The Bachelor is on! And here are some more (boring) photos of Ben in Belize, if you’re interested.

Someone Left Before a Rose Ceremony?!
Oh, the nerve. Apparently her name is Britni. Early reports say she left the show to find the missing letters in her name.

AND Someone Passed Out AT a Rose Ceremony?
Oh, the passion! And her name is Erika Uhlig, aka Miss Chicago 2011.

Giddyup, Grandma. Every season, the girls try to make a strong first impression on The Bachelor, and this season, at least two girls will use living props to do just that. As their first introductions to Ben, we will see that one woman rejected the limo and rode in on a horse, and another woman brought her grandmother along, who got out of the limo first and introduced Ben to her granddaughter. If the grandma then rides away on the horse, I think I’ll die of happiness.

I Spy, With My Little Eye… Here’s what Steve said about Ben’s date at the Bay Bridge in San Francisco: “Ben had a 1-on-1 date at the Bay Bridge with one of the girls who I will reveal later. Well, it just so happened that where the girls were staying at the Fairmont, you could see directly to the Bay Bridge from the balcony outside their room, so of course, producers set up a telescope for the women to check out Ben making out with his date on the Bay Bridge.” Um. Great? There’s definitely not enough jealousy on this show already.

And lastly, elsewhere in Bachelor Land: Did you hear that Kasey and Vienna broke up? Here are 10 reasons that’s heartbreaking. And that Shayne Lamas named her baby “Press”? She named her baby after what she cherishes most, I guess. Like when other people name their baby “Hope” or “Blanket.” 

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