Love is in the air in tonight’s American Idol roundup — or, at least, couples, romantic or otherwise. Let’s begin with the rumored (and wishfully so, for some) love birds of season 10…

Watch Haley Reinhart and Casey Abrams’ new music video! We told you about their cover of the holiday staple “Baby It’s Cold Outside” — and now you can hear the song in full, complete with clips of the two being so adorable together. Yes, they’re just friends.

Remember, the song will be available for download on November 21.

Elsewhere in the Idol-sphere:

Paul McDonald and Nikki Reed make music together. The newly-married couple wrote and performed in “Now That I Found You”, available for download later this week. Ryan Seacrest debuted the song in his radio show earlier today. It is the Twilight star’s singing debut, and it’s not bad:

Reed also tells Seacrest that there might be more collaborations between her and her hubby in the future: “He really wants me to [record]. He’s really supportive and encourages everything, so he wants to be a super team. I’m a little more shy. We’ve done some open mic’s together. I probably will end up doing it.”

James Durbin loooves fire, or so I gather from this behind-the-scenes clip from his new music video. It’s for his first single, “Love Me Bad”, part of his debut album which hits stores on November 21:

James is also planning to marry his long time fiancee Heidi Lowe: talking to People magazine he said he’s planning a simple wedding. “We’re not doing a full-on Hollywood lavish wedding,” he said. “We’re getting married in the boondock mountains at a community hall. We rented out a tiny tiny little chapel, all exposed red wood. It’s nothing super fancy.”

Also attending the wedding: groomsman Paul McDonald, and best man Stefano Langone.

Finally, TMZ has photos of Jennifer Lopez and her rumored new boyfriend, Casper Smart. He’s her backup dancer too, by the way. Also, age gap. I don’t mind an age gap, but do I smell a rebound?

Anyway, yep, love is in the air…

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(Screen capture courtesy of Yahoo! Music)

Henrik Batallones

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