Last week’s episode of The Bachelorette concluded with a cliffhanger as a jealous Shawn confronted Nick and called him manipulative and arrogant following Kaitlyn Bristowe’s confession that she slept with Nick. Monday’s episode picks up with the two men coming to blows and, unfortunately, the tension between the two men are about to get worse.

Warning: This article contains spoilers on Monday’s episode of The Bachelorette.

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According to host Chris Harrison, Shawn was smart enough not to confront Nick in front of Kaitlyn but  the massive confrontation between the two men is inevitable.  “[The argument] is pretty incredible and we pick up… where we left off,” Harrison told TV Guide. “And as far as Kaitlyn’s involvement? You’ll definitely see that as well. A confrontation like this won’t stay quiet. 

Besides the Shawn versus Nick conflict, Monday’s episode also puts the spotlight on Kaitlyn’s remaining two overnight dates. She takes drama-free Ben on an Irish countryside tour, where they go horseback riding and explore a 19th century castle, where he declares his love and reveal something he’s been keeping from the Bachelorette. Get a sneak peek here!

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Kaitlyn then takes Shawn to  the Lough Erne Resort golf course for the final overnight date, where, according to the press release,  “their power run through the course not only brings laughs, but one shocking sexy interlude.” During a romantic dinner at  Florence Court in Enniskillen, however, Kaitlyn starts to question Shawn about his hatred for Nick.

After the overnight dates, a rose ceremony takes place, leaving one man with a broken heart while the final two suitors head to Utah where Kaitlyn deals with skeptical families and more shocking revelations.

The Bachelorette airs Mondays at 8pm on ABC. 

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