For the first two weeks of Big Brother 17, one of the nominees won the Power of Veto to save themselves. There’s never been a season of the show where the first three PoVs were all won by nominees, so did that change this year?

SPOILER WARNING: This article contains Big Brother 17 spoilers.

Vanessa nominated James and John while Austin nominated Jason and Meg. Jason and Meg won the Battle of the Block, dethroning Austin. Shelli, Audrey and Austin were also picked to play.

John won the Power of Veto!

It was another competition where HGs were knocked out one at a time, similar to the giant dice competition from season 16. It sounds like Audrey beat Vanessa, then John beat Audrey. Austin beat Shelli. Vanessa is really angry because she thinks Austin threw it to Johnny Mac and now he’s going to save himself again and she has to put up a replacement nominee, which she didn’t want to do.

But this is fantastic news for Johnny Mac, who has now saved himself three times in a row (first with the BoB and now twice in a row with the PoV). James stays on the block and Vanessa is forced to show her cards. The house thinks she’s going to backdoor Audrey and that’s what they want, but she may backdoor Jeff instead. If she does that, it becomes very obvious what her agenda is. Now she’s desperately scrambling to find a credible reason to put up Jeff instead of Audrey.

The weekend should be exciting on the live feeds as Vanessa struggles with figuring out how to possibly nominate Jeff instead of Audrey while saving her own game. The fact that Meg and Jason are safe is great for them, because otherwise they could very easily be replacement nominees.


-Jeff and Liz are the only remaining HGs who have not played in a Power of Veto competition.

-This is only the third time that the first three PoV winners are all male. It also happened in seasons 14 and 16 (in season 13, Brendan and Rachel won it jointly in week 1).

-This is only the fifth time a nominee has won the PoV three or more times in a row, and the first time it’s happened for the first three weeks of the season. In season 7 a nominee won the PoV nine times in a row, in season 12 a nominee won the PoV four times in a row, in season 13 a nominee won the PoV three times in a row and in season 15 a nominee won the PoV five times in a row.

-John and Jason are now tied for the most competition wins with three each.

-John is the 20th person in the history of the show to win the PoV two consecutive times.

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