Kaitlyn Bristowe revealed her final three suitors this week on The Bachelorette but not before breaking a few hearts and stirring up more drama with her big confession. You can find all the juicy details in this recap but in a nutshell Kaitlyn told Shawn she slept with Nick, which escalated the tension between the two front-runners, and said goodbye to Joe and Jared. And now we’re down to Ben, Shawn and Nick.

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Among the final three suitors, Ben seems like the safest drama-free choice but avid viewers of season 11 can easily tell that the competition for Kaitlyn’s heart is really between Nick and Shawn. Find out what Bachelor Nation thinks about this week’s episode: 


Kaitlyn Bristowe’s blog on People: “Ben is someone that would be a great husband…  I see Ben as the kind of guy who, 20, 30, 40 years from now, would still be working at our relationship and still be making me laugh.”

Chris Harrison’s blog on Yahoo: “Ben is the calm eye in the middle of this drama storm, and Kaitlyn is clearly falling for him. He’s got everything a woman could want and he’s making her the center of attention, not the drama.” 

Ali Fedotowsky’s blog: “Ben goes home next week. He must. Unless Kaitlyn sends Nick home because Shawn hates him. But I don’t think Kaitlyn would let Shawn dictate who she sends home unless she was positive he’ll be the guy in the end. And I don’t think she is sure who she wants between the two yet.” 

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Kaitlyn Bristowe’s blog on People: “I had such an intense relationship with Shawn and, knowing trust means a lot to each of us along with honesty, I had to tell him what happened with Nick. He was already saying what a challenge this journey had been for him, and the last thing I would want would be for us to end up together at the end of this and then to tell him.”

Chris Harrison’s blog on Yahoo: “Shawn’s biggest issue is trust, and his worst fears were realized when Kaitlyn had sex with Nick…  as far as he’s concerned, Nick is a snake in the grass and it was time to deal with him. Shawn went to confront Nick and you saw part of that drama. It gets even crazier, believe me.” 

Jillian Harris’ blog: “One thing that totally BLEW my MIND last night was how Shawn took the news about Kaitlyn sleeping with Nick.  Because of all the previews I expected her to tell ALL the guys and I expected them all to go completely tropical (ballistic) … but, Shawn, omg he took it like a CHAMP. I think it takes a freaking emotional genius at this stage of the game to be able to step outside of the box on this show and see it for WHAT IT IS, and not let the JOURNEY steer you off path.” 

Ali Fedowtosky: “I get that Shawn really doesn’t like him, and that’s okay. He doesn’t have to. I’m sure Nick doesn’t like him much either. But it’s extremely disrespectful that he won’t say Nick’s name. He keeps calling him “the other guy” and I just really find that childish and unnecessary. It’s like he is going out of his way to be hurtful.”

Shaleen Joynt’s blog on Flare: “There are a few clues that the last man standing is Shawn. First is the very confession that I’ve been harping on… Also, when Shawn said he wanted to talk before accepting her rose in this week’s ceremony, she looked like she might pass out. It’s just hard to imagine this level of investment if he isn’t the man she ultimately chooses. Lastly, their chemistry. Damn.”

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Kaitlyn Bristowe’s blog on People: He is a very touchy, hands-on kind of guy if you didn’t notice – always kissing me and picking me up! So yes, that’s why I always say the connection is physical. But this date was nice. It was different.

Chris Harrison’s blog on Yahoo: “Say what you will about him, but he and Kaitlyn have undeniable chemistry. They are good together and that’s easy to see.”

Jillian Harris’ blog: “Lets talk about NICK. I’ve had his back since day one and I’m not reallllllllyyyyyyyyy changing my mind, but I also wasn’t that impressed with him this episode. He was being a little tattle tale and it was SUPER unattractive the way he was ratting Shawn out for conversations they obviously had.”

Sharleen Joynt’s blog on Flare: “I was thrilled that this week we got to see more of Nick and Kaitlyn than just physical attraction. Their Cork date was much-needed respite from an otherwise torment-filled episode. And, despite the “Morning After” scene striking me as strange–I don’t think we’ve ever seen one of those before?–I was charmed by it nonetheless. I love their banter. The easy compatibility between them is clear.”

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