Don’t get your hopes up if you think  Britt Nilsson would be  the one walking away with an engagement by the end of The Bachelorette season 12. The former Bachelorette contender and boyfriend Brady Toops are reportedly no longer together.

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Nilsson, a 28-year-old waitress, was eliminated in the premiere of The Bachelorette season 12 after majority of the house voted for her rival Kaitlyn Bristowe. Toops, a 33-year-old singer/songwriter, quit the competition and went after Nilsson to pursue her. As the season progressed, viewers were given updates about the couple, who appeared to be getting along well. The latest update, however,  featured Nilsson introducing Toops to her mother, who the referred to Toops as a “friend,” before the couple decided to try a long distance relationship.

“I feel sad I’m leaving,” said Toops, who’s leaving Los Angeles to return to his home in Nashville, Tennessee.

Nilsson acknowledges that having a long distance relationship is like a “new season” for their relationship while Toops thinks that it will help them grow as a couple.

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“The next stage will really be the test,” Nilsson old the cameras. “So we’ll see. Fingers crossed.”

Fans rooting for the couple will most likely get an update on their relationship as The Bachelorette season 12 comes to a close though Reality Steve claims that the couple already broke up.

“They are done,” Reality Steve wrote. “In fact, I’m hearing they broke up a while ago and are just keeping up this facade for TV purposes. A quick look at his social media you see that for a while he was posting all the time about her, but now hasn’t referenced her in about a week. And Britt has barely mentioned him at all. They are done and have been for a while. I was told it ended pretty quickly after Kaitlyn’s season started airing, and possibly even before that.”

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