New England Patriots player Rob Gronkowski has taken over Big Brother 17 for week 3, and his Party Week is in full swing. He may have declared that there are no Have-Nots for the week, but the Gronk wasn’t being completely honest about what he’s going to put the HGs through.

SPOILER WARNING: This article contains Big Brother 17 spoilers.

The week’s competitions all have Gronk themes, and the Battle of the Block featured a foam party with alcohol for the HGs watching it play out. On Saturday night, the HGs were informed that Gronk’s Party Week is officially beginning and every time they hear his voice on the speakers, they must do whatever he says. If they don’t, they will become a Have-Not for the week.

Gronk’s first task was a Shower Party, so all 14 HGs crammed themselves into the shower stalls and rocked out while turning on the water.

The HGs will have more Gronk parties throughout the week and I’ll update as they have more party time.

UPDATE #1: Just before midnight on Saturday, the HGs had a Toga Party and had to make togas out of sheets and dance in the living room.

UPDATE #2: Around 3am, the HGs had a Limbo Party in the backyard.

UPDATE #3: At 7am on Sunday morning the HGs had a Hot Tub Party and all had to wake up, and run outside to the hot tub.

UPDATE #4: At 11am they had a Conga Party and had to ruh the backyard to form a conga line.

UPDATE #5: After 1pm they had a Costume Party and all had to dress up in wacky outfits in the living room.

UPDATE #6: At 4pm on Sunday the HGs had a Pool Party, with everyone going into the pool in the backyard.

UPDATE: #7: At 7:30pm, they had a Kitchen Party.

UPDATE #8: At am on Sunday night/Monday morning, the HGs had a quick Living Room Party.

UPDATE #9: At around 10:30am on Monday, there was a quick competition in the backyard, presumably just between the competition winners this week (Vanessa, Austin, Jason, Meg and John), and Meg won a cruise with Gronk and his family.

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