The Twin Twist of Big Brother 17 is no longer a secret. While Da’Vonne clued in most of the house about her suspicions of Liz earlier in the week, now the twins themselves have confirmed it to another HG.

SPOILER WARNING: This article contains Big Brother 17 spoilers.

Around 2am on Wednesday night/Thursday morning, Julia, Liz’s twin sister, confirmed to Vanessa that she’s doing the Twin Twist. So it turns out Julia is the one everyone refers to as Skinny Minnie, the mean one, while Liz is Thickums, the one most people like.

Julia told Vanessa all about it and Vanessa wants to help figure out a way to work with them and save them until week 5, when they can both come into the house. Vanessa then ran upstairs to tell Shelli and Clay all about this. The plan is to tell Austin as well so the five (eventually six) of them can work together.

This all started Monday when Da’Vonne really figured out that Liz was a twin. It quickly spread to Jason, James, Meg, Jeff, Jackie, Steve, Clay, Shelli, Vanessa, Becky and Johnny Mac.

Vanessa tried coaching Julia on how to cover up and lie to trick people into thinking they’re not really twins. That’s going to be a tall order since people like Jason and Steve remember season 5 and know all about the twist, while people like Vanessa, Clay and the twins have absolutely no real knowledge about the history of the game. It also turns out that Liz and Julia talked on Wednesday in the DR, so apparently they are allowed to have meetings without switching.

This revelation has sealed Da’Vonne’s fate as Vanessa and Liz are definitely voting her out because she’s too smart and she’s the one who figured out the twist. And Audrey is their major target for next week.

UPDATE: After waking up on Thursday morning, Julia met with Shelli and Clay, who were excited to be in on her secret. And Vanessa finally told Austin about the twins, which he somehow had absolutely no idea about.

All of this is very confusing, because apparently the twins are allowed to reveal the twist to other HGs, which is different from season 5. It’s also dramatically different from almost every other secret Big Brother twist. America’s Player, the Saboteur and Team America were all explicitly not allowed to tell anyone about their secrets, and I believe if people found out they would possibly have been expelled or lost all of the money they’d won with the twist.

It’s definitely going to be crazy going forward. Can Vanessa and the twins really make people think the Twin Twist isn’t real? Will they be able to protect the twins until after the fifth eviction? Will the house figure out that Vanessa, Austin, Clay, Shelli and the twins are working together and target them?

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