My, how quickly things can turn ugly when a relationship ends. It was no surprise when The Bachelor’s Matt Grant and Shayne Lamas ended their relationship this summer. Many accused the couple of being publicity hungry and found themselves the subject of much tabloid fodder. After a story ran saying that Shayne cheated on Matt, the two called it quits for good. He had already moved out but the two promised to remain good friends. That is, until Shayne publicly announced that she wasn’t giving back the engagement she received on the finale of The Bachelor this year.  Instead of settling this privately like most couples would, the two took to People magazine to fight it out in the public eye.

Shayne recently told People magazine that she had no intention of giving back the 2.85-carat Tacori platinum-and-diamond eternity ring she received from Matt. She wasn’t going to wear it, she said, but rather keep it “safe and clean and in a glass box — like a glass slipper. “ Shayne also claims that Matt was aware of her decision and even said he wanted to come see it. The Bachelor says – that conversation never happened.

“We never discussed this,” he fired back to People. “I never said it was cool to just keep it. If she said we spoke about it, she just made it up. Sometimes she thinks she can say anything and I’ll go along with it.” Matt has a new suggestion for his former fiancé: auction the ring off and donate the money to her favorite charity. He says that this is about doing the right thing, not getting back something that he bought for her. After all, he didn’t pay for it at all. The Bachelor’s sponsors paid for the ring, which is valued at around $65,000. “It wasn’t a ‘gift’ so much,” he said. “It’s not a television or a handbag. It’s a symbol of marriage that didn’t happen.”

– Gina Scarpa, BuddyTV Staff Writer
Source: People
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Gina Scarpa

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