Twenty-seven-year-old Matt Grant was born in Bishops Strotford, England.  He took up modern history and politics at Anglia Ruskin University located in Cambridge.  During university, he was captain of the rowing team and also played rugby, cricket and tennis.  His other interests include working out, skiing and staying up-to-date on current events.  He currently works as a global financier and a business development manager.

He works with millionaire businessmen and closes business deals but career is not enough for him for he is seeking a family life.  All his four older brothers are already married, leaving Matt Grant more resolute on following suit someday.  He wants to start a family as soon as possible because he wants to be able to grow up with his kids.  His close relationship with his dad is also a big factor in his decision.  His dad had a stroke in 2006, and he realized it would be such regret if his kids didn’t know their grandfather.

He finds American women extroverted and gregarious, and is attracted to such qualities.  He also adores the American accent.  Among the other qualities he looks for in a woman are being adventurous, playful, funny and self-deprecating.  He also wishes to find a woman who can accompany him in traveling and enjoying the outdoors, and who will share stories with him at the end of each day.  Matt Grant honestly admits that he can’t wait to fall in love again.  He had only two serious relationships before. The first one was with a person whom he fell in love with at first sight.

In the concluding episode of The Bachelor, Matt picked Shayne Lamas (daughter of actor Lorenzo Lamas) over Chelsea. He proposed on the island of Barbados. According to Matt, they are currently still very engaged and very much in love.

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(Photo courtesy of ABC)

Place of Birth

Bishops Strotford, England

Birth Name

Matthew Christian Grant



Fun Facts

His hobbies include comedy, current affairs, photography, music & politics.

Grant is a massive fan of British music star George Michael and British comedian Steve Coogan.

His ideal attributes in a woman are a sense of adventure, playfulness, fun, a love of travel and the outdoors, a sense of humour, self-deprecation, and an outgoing personality.

One of Grant’s closest friends is the popular London restauranteur, food mogul and international cheese connoisseur, Marc Kennard. Grant even ran the London-based Kennard’s outlet for three weeks when Kennard was on his honeymoon in the fall of 2004.