Tonight’s Big Brother live Head of Household challenge was an endurance competition.  You know, those ones where the players have to stand on something or hold on to something longer than everyone else in order to win. Tonight’s challenge was called “Livin’ on the Edge,” and it had all the players standing on a fake building facade’s ledge.  All they had to hold onto was a metal rail.  They were pelted with wind and dust and left at a downward angle.  And, after a couple of hours, we now know who won thanks to the live feeds. It’s a big time spoiler, so if you want to wait until Sunday’s show to find out who the new Head of Household is, go no further.


Renny came in third, a surprisingly solid showing for oldest female in the house.  It came down to Michelle and April, and they apparently both really wanted it.  In the end…

April wins the Head of Household. 

I’ve been open about my early dislike of April this season.  Maybe I haven’t been too fair with my April comments, but she’s really rubbed me the wrong way early on this season.  However, with her the new Head of Household, April is sure to get a lot more screen time this week than we’ve seen from her before.  We’ll all be able to get a more informed opinion on April in the next week.  Maybe I’ll like her better, maybe not. 

As for who April will nominate, I’m not particularly sure.  She could go with something like Jerry and Jessie.  The only person you can completely rule out for nomination is Ollie, who has been getting it on with April since the first episode, it seems.  What do you think about April becoming HoH?  Good?  Bad?

-Oscar Dahl, BuddyTV Senior Writer
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