Last week a major upset occurred on America’s Best Dance Crew when Supreme Soul was eliminated. The judges even said they expected Supreme Soul to be in the finals with Super Cr3w, and Lil’ Mama called America out, telling them to vote out Boogie Bots. Did America listen?

Tonight’s episode of America’s Best Dance Crew features Missy Elliott as the final four crews perform to her songs and she even does a live performance herself. On a personal note, I’ll be in Los Angeles over the weekend for the Teen Choice Awards, where America’s Best Dance Crew is up for five awards, so hopefully I’ll be able to catch up with some of the stars like Lil’ Mama or even season 1 winners JabbaWockeeZ, themselves nominated for two awards.

The show opens with the final four crews doing a ridiculously awesome routine while Missy “sings.” The fanny packs are back again, and they really need to win this competition, if only so MTV can use them to promote their new movie musical The American Mall, coming August 11 at 9pm. It features Autumn Reeser (aka Taylor Townsend from The O.C.) and So You Think You Can Dance‘s Neil Haskell. Plus, it’s a musical set in a mall. I’m so there.

Missy is sitting in with the judges, and I hope she’s as outspoken as the rest of them. The top two crews are safe while the judges vote off one of the bottom two. We learned that Boogie Bots are in the bottom two, and after last week’s comment, they’re as good as gone.


SoReal Cru – “One Minute Man”
It’s smooth and good with some clock-inspired moves, but I realize now my problem with SoReal is that they’re the only crew left without a hook. They’re not ‘80s, b-boys or Transformers, they’re just a very good dance crew. However, my fellow BuddyTV writer Leslie Seaton pointed out that SoReal Cru has something lacking in most crews, namely a mixed gender aspect. Most crews are all-male, so they have a broader appeal.

JC Chasez says they’re not hard enough and Shane Sparks takes exception to that. There’s something dirty about JC yelling, “Was it hard?” In the words of Michael Scott, “That’s what she said.”

Super Cr3w – “We Run This”
After two weeks in the bottom two, they’re going to bring it hard. It doesn’t really matter as long as the judges decide, because they’re so high on Super Cr3w that they would stay in over any other crew against them. They start with a human tower three people high, end with an amazing tableau of one guy extended in mid-air over the end of the stage and they even do the Carlton Banks stripper move from The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air. If they don’t win this whole competition, something is seriously wrong.

JC calls it “an amazing performance,” and he’s not lying. Routines like this are the reason I have completely fallen in love with this show. Shane claims if they’re ever in the bottom two again, he’s gone. Missy even says Super Cr3w made her video look whack.


Boogie Bots – “Work It”
The boys were shocked and a bit offended by Lil’ Mama’s comment, as well they should be even though I kind of agree with her. This song is off the chain, and I can’t wait to see how they put this thing down, flip it and reverse it. They do the wiggle walk, but there’s very little of their cool robotic moves and it’s a performance that seals their fate.

JC says they were a bit off with some of the choreography. Shane didn’t see one move that made him want to keep them. He goes on to say it was “bad and terrible.” Does Fanny Pak even need to performance at this point? Lil’ Mama gives a non-apology apology, regretting only that she said it behind their backs and not to their faces.  It’s almost hard to watch because they’re so mean, but they’re being honest and not doing it just to be mean, so it’s OK.

Fanny Pak – “Get Ur Freak On”
So long as they don’t fall down and break their legs, they’re clearly safe. Heck, I think a few broken bones would even be OK after the tongue-lashing Boogie Bots suffered.  All credit goes to Matt Cody, the choreographer and creator of the wild routines. They start with the whole group off stage doing a reverse stage dive to push one girl back onto the stage. It’s freaky as all hell and awesome and the judges give them the first standing ovation of the season. Why do they even bother to fill for the next 15 minutes?

Shane loved how they combined the creativities of Missy and Fanny Pak to create something he thinks can win the show. Lil’ Mama also loves how the brought elements from all different styles and made it pop. The judges’ commentary is almost too complimentary, but since I love Fanny Pak just as much as they do, I’ll forgive it.

Mario Lopez pretends to draw the elimination out even though everyone always knows the result. My grandma knows, and she’s not even watching this show. Boogie Bots are eliminated and they don’t even try to act shocked. They’re nice about it, which is impressive since they just had a can of whoop-ass opened on them courtesy of the judges.

Next week on America’s Best Dance Crew: The final three crews perform routines based on the ’80s.  No, seriously.  It’s like the producers are actively trying to get Fanny Pak to win this thing.

-John Kubicek, BuddyTV Senior Writer
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