Big Brother 10, live eviction.  Let’s do it.  Either Jessie, the body building doofus who may or may not be gay, or Angie, the arguably attractive divorcee who’s inexplicably disliked by the other women in the house, will be evicted in front of a live television audience tonight.  I’m rooting for Jessie to get the boot (for obvious reasons, including my appreciation for shirts being worn), but all indications are that poor Angie will get the boot.  In addition to the eviction, we’ll have a Head of Household competition and the result (hopefully) of the America’s Player vote.  I’ll be here throughout the episode updating as the results come in. 

I really want to know: are there any Jessie fans out there?  There can’t be any, right?  Also, can we have an eviction surprise, just once?  I need Jessie out of my life.

Hey’ it’s a live audience.  I have no idea why CBS has brought them in this season.  They add nothing. 

Jessie’s stoking the flames of those gay rumors with his t-shirt tonight. 

Angie, post-Veto ceremony, says she’s going to fight for her Big Brother life.  Jessie is arrogant in how safe he is.   Michelle is emotional because Angie and Jessie are the two people she likes in the house.  Angie is far less emotional, even a little detached seeming. 

Memphis is still upset that Jerry called him a womanizer.  I loved Jerry’s non-reaction to Memphis’s screaming.  He was totally unfazed.  Angie starts to work on Jerry for his vote.  It’s not working very well.  Memphis sees their conversation, and is suspicious.  Memphis stirs stuff up, and tells Keesha that Jerry told Angie that she’s not out of the game just yet.  So, then Jerry gets called in to the HoH room.  Michelle talks to Angie.  Jerry denies he said anything about Angie being safe, which he didn’t. 

Next, Jerry and Michelle go nuts on each other.  Jerry’s getting ornery.  Michelle thinks Jerry’s talking smack.  I can’t tell if I like Jerry or kind of hate him. 

How terrible does this new Mummy movie look?  Additionally, what were the odds that Brendan Fraser would star in two big-budget summer action movies in 2008?  0.4%?

Footage of the hosueguests reacting to the earthquake earlier this week.  Pretty cool stuff, actually.  This was the first earthquake for a lot of the houseguests.  Jessie, reacting to the quake, goes to the middle of the yard and takes his shirt off for no reason.  I had a college roommate once with the same hatred of t-shirts.  He’d always say things like “Man, it’s hot in here,” which meant it was time for him to take his shirt off, always despite the fact the air conditioner was always on.

Jessie is pissing everyone off, and he might be gone as a result.  He waves Libra goodbye, telling her she’s going bye-bye.  He then calls Jerry “Father Time.” 

Libra, Ollie and April discuss getting Jessie out now while they have the chance.  I hope it happens.

Live talk with the houseguests.  Memphis talks about how he has spent his life giving women proper respect, and he doesn’t appreciate when someone attacks his character.  Jerry said he did apologize to Memphis, and he accepted.  Jerry did not apologize to Michelle, however, nor should he.

Julie asks Keesha the million dollar question from the HoH room.  Why blame Angie for Steven’s departure?  She dances around it.  She and Libra are in an alliance to the end.  She uses the word “underested.”  Inventing words is fun.

The nominees plead their case.  Angie, looking good, gives a pseudo-profound speech, very practiced, and kind of corny.  She gives a convincing argument for staying.  Jessie’s speech is predictably mind-numbing.  He’s wearing a t-shirt that has a monkey wearing 3-D glasses on it. 

Live voting right now.

Memphis votes to evict Angie.  Weak.

Michelle votes to evict Angie.

Jerry votes to evict Angie.  No backbone on Jerry.

Renny votes to evict Angie. 

Libra votes to evict Angie.  What is wrong with these people?  Angie is gone. 

Everyone else votes to evict Angie.

Angie is gone.

Julie Chen breaks the news to Angie, who puts on a smiling face, gives some hugs and heads outside to Julie Chen and the cheering audience. Nothing all that important emerges.  Angie fights off some tears, but generally remains in good spirits.

America’s Player time.  Dan was voted America’s Player (YES!).  He accepts the offer to be the AP for one week.  This could be fun.  He has to complete all tasks, and keep it secret to win the twenty grand.

HoH competition time!  It’s an endurance competition called “Livin’ on the Edge.”  They are on a fake ledge of a fake building facade.  They hold on to the rail as the facade tips down, forcing them to hold on at an angle.  Plus, earthquake aftershocks shake everyone. 

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