I just can’t get over how seemingly dumb some of these Big Brother houseguests.  When two people are nominated, and one of them is strong, annoying, and has been open about his intentions to evict a number of them, you’d think the houseguests would have an easy decision.  Apparently not.  Jessie, the body builder who no one seems to particularly like, avoided eviction tonight in a unanimous fashion.  It wasn’t terribly surprising, given what we’ve seen and heard from the Big Brother house this week, but it is still disappointing.  What can you expect from the Big Brother houseguests?  They haven’t shown to be intelligent thus far in the season.

Jessie Stirs Things Up

Jessie, despite being on the block, wasn’t too smart in his house dealings this week.  At one point, he mouthed to Libra that she’s going home.  He called Jerry “Father Time.”  Angie ruffled some feathers inadvertently, while having a backyard conversation with Jerry.  She was trying to convince Jerry to vote to evict Jessie, and Michelle thought she overheard Jerry talking some smack.  Michelle told some people, and all of a sudden there was a ruckus.  Jerry and Michelle yell at each other.

Goodbye Angie

There was an idea late in the game that maybe the house should vote to keep Angie.  Apparently, talks in this vein didn’t advance very far, because when it came down to the live vote, Angie was evicted by a 9-0 vote.  Angie, before hearing the news, gave a very heartfelt speech.  But, to no avail. 

Living on the Edge

The Head of Household competition was of the endurance variety.  If you don’t want to know who won, don’t worry.  I’ll be posting a spoiler HoH winner article tonight.  The players all had to stand on a fake building ledge, hold on to a railing and try not to fall off.  No one fell off during the live show.

-Oscar Dahl, BuddyTV Senior Writer
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Oscar Dahl

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