The season finale of The Amazing Race is almost here. Only one more leg remains before the final sprint to the finish line, which means one more team is going home before it is all over. The preview for leg 11 REALLY wants you to think Justin and Diana are going home, but is it true? Is the luck of the Green Team going to run out right before the finale right when it matters the most? Yeah… probably not. So here are our best guesses for who is actually going home in the penultimate leg of season 27. 
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Who is Safe:

Justin definitely doesn’t look happy in the preview for “It’s Not Easy Beating Green.” The last time Justin looked this upset was during the first episode when he was nearly eliminated. There is also apparently an The Amazing Race shocker coming in leg 11. I just don’t think the shocker is that Justin and Diana getting eliminated. I think it’s far more likely that all four teams will be going to the finale, but let’s just assume it’s a regular elimination leg. I don’t foresee Justin and Diana going home if for no other reason than The Amazing Race wants me to think that they are eliminated. 

As always, Kelsey and Joey are safe too. I’d put good money on them beating Justin and Diana in the end. Kelsey and Joey haven’t had a bad leg yet. They haven’t even had a sloppy leg. They’re not as fast as Justin and Diana in every leg, but they’re just as consistent. 

Who is in Danger: 

It’s kind of a travesty if Tiffany and Krista don’t make into the finale. Somehow and somewhere in the new season, Tiffany and Krista became my favorite teams on the race. At this point, I think they are the most likable team left. They fought their way up from the bottom of the pack to a contender. 

There is a reason they were discounted so early in the race though. They’re not the best racers in The Amazing Race history and they are going up against steep competition like Team Green and Team Newcasters. So they’re not automatically guaranteed, but they should at least beat the human train-wrecks that are Logan and Chris

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Who is Going Home:

Logan and Chris are an enigma. I’m not sure how they made it this far in The Amazing Race. I’m not sure how they are even still together because Logan seems to hate Chris and everything he stands for, but they survive both the race and life. There is always that one team on The Amazing Race that makes it farther than they ever should based on their compatibility. Logan and Chris have been that team in season 27. It’s time for their hellish trek of screeching at one another across the globe to end. 

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