Another week of The Voice has passed, which means fans have to see yet another artist be eliminated from the competition. This time, it was Korin Bukowski, the quirky singer from Team Gwen.

I spoke with Korin during a conference call with reporters. She discussed her feelings on being in the Bottom 2 again, why Gwen Stefani puts an emphasis on the contestants’ looks and what kind of musical genre fans can expect from her post-The Voice. Also, what led up to Korin forgetting the lyrics during her Twitter Save performance? Read on for all the details.

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What was It Like Being in the Bottom 2 Again?

Korin has been in the Bottom 2 multiple times in the live shows. At some point, that’s got to get tiring. For Korin, she admits that it “eats at your soul a little bit every time you have to be up there.” She went on to say, “I was upset. I was just like, not again, that kind of feeling. But you just pull through as best as you possibly can.”

Did Korin feel like she was heading home, though? The answer is yes, based on how her Twitter Save performance went, when she forgot some of the lyrics. “I was just too emotional. My emotions just took too much of a handle on me and my performance.” But she acknowledges that the results don’t always go the way you expect them to. “Honestly, you just never know how the results are going to pan out because the past two times I didn’t think I would get saved. So I was still holding on to that.”

What Led to Korin Forgetting the Lyrics?

As viewers saw, Korin forgot some of the lyrics during her Twitter Save performance of Pink’s fantastic song “Try.” The coaches acknowledged afterwards that every singer faces a moment like this. “It’s very embarrassing and very upsetting to have that happen to you. But I do understand that it’s happened to everyone; mine happened under unfortunate circumstances.”

In terms of what led to that moment, though, Korin says the stress of the show was starting to get to her. “I was feeling tired but never ready to go [home]. What happened to me was two times being saved, having to be there a third time.” She was emotional from all that, combined with “Try” being an emotional song. “Everything about the song is how I felt throughout my whole life,” she said. “So it was a lot of emotion at once, and I guess I just let them overwhelm me so much during the performance.”

But looking back, she wouldn’t “take back anything [from that performance] because I entered this competition an awkward, confused quirky person” and she feels that she “exited the same way I entered.”

“I Lost a little Bit of Myself”

However, Korin does admit that along the way, “I lost a little bit of myself and I lost my magical quality.” When asked to elaborate, she said, “I’m not a competitive person and I don’t like competing against my friends. … But as you go on and you see people leave, it hurts you and it hurts your soul, and it was hard to see my friends go. So it became more of a task … but it is a lot of fun to do the show. It is stressful; it’s just finding that balance, and I had a hard time finding that balance.” In the end, though, she’s glad she went through that because “I grew a deeper appreciation for who I was when I entered this show and who I am as I left this show.”

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Why Does Gwen Stefani Focus on Fashion/Style a Lot?

Many fans of the show have noticed that coach Gwen Stefani focuses a lot on the contestants’ look/style. “Gwen likes to help all of us find different parts of ourselves and try and feel comfortable with who we are through that,” Korin said. “And for me, we tried a lot of different styles and different hairdos.” Korin loved the experience because she was able to gain “a larger appreciation for who I was at the beginning of the competition. And I’m so thankful for that.”

But lest we think it’s all about the fashion, Korin made sure to point out that Gwen does spend a lot of time working with her artists on their songs and performances, though Gwen feels that also focusing on their looks is important because “she’s all about the package deal when it comes to a star quality kind of thing.”

What is Korin’s Musical Style?

Now that Korin’s journey on The Voice is over, it’s time to look to the future and plan for what she might want to do next. Before The Voice, she was a pre-med student, but “this show has flipped my life upside down,” she says. “I truly believe I might pursue music. I think I’m going to do it because the reason I auditioned for this show was because I wasn’t happy where I was and I really want to pursue what I love.”

Korin wants to release some of the music that she’s been working on, but what is her musical style? “I would love to perform very anthem-y, indie-rock/indie-pop kind of tunes, just anthem-y or haunting. I love those kinds of sounds.” She continued by saying, “My Knockout performance [of ‘All I Want’], I love to sing music like that, so a lot of music that’s similar to Fun or Ellie Goulding is pretty much the road I’d like to go down.”

The Voice airs Mondays and Tuesdays at 8pm on NBC.

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