Following the insanity that was the two-parter of week 10, it’s more daunting than ever to predict the results of a Survivor: Cambodia episode. Who could’ve foreseen Stephen going home, let alone going home after using his powerful advantage? Survivor: Cambodia is a wacky season, but I think we can take a reasonable stab at who is going home. Here is our best guess for the identity of the eliminated castaway in week 11 of Survivor: Cambodia.

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Since it looks like a castaway will be seriously injured in a challenge, who knows if anyone will be voted out in week 11? Chances are probably decent, since there are a lot of castaways left and not many episodes until the finale. Even if we get a final three, Survivor could still have someone be medically evacuated and have tribal council in week 11 and still be right on schedule. The person who is injured could even make a full recovery and still be able to continue playing, so let’s just assume (for the most part) that the injury shown in the below preview is irrelevant.

Who is Safe?

No one really is safe on Survivor this season, but Spencer and Kelley are probably sitting as pretty as possible. Now that Stephen has been eliminated, I really think Spencer will end up being the winner of Survivor: Cambodia based purely on the edit he is receiving. Kelley is also playing a really great game, thanks to her strategy and extreme luck. I think these two will be in a reasonably secure position for the finale.

Abi is also safe, mostly because she appears to be one of Kelley’s closest allies. There is also the fact that no one views Abi as a threat. She received a fair number of votes at tribal council in week 10, but that was part of the master plan that failed. She wasn’t the real target. At this point, Abi is probably going to sneak on by to the finale because everyone will think they can beat her.

Keith is probably also safe because he is a non-threat. He has done well in challenges but has no discernible social game. Judging by the hand shown in the preview, I think Keith might be the victim of the injury, however. If Keith isn’t pulled from the game for that, he won’t be voted out in week 10.

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Who is in Danger?

It was a big shocker that Joe didn’t win immunity and survived in week 10. I think that was a one-time exception; Joe’s social game is not strong enough to ensure his safety for long. If he doesn’t win immunity again, he could be in serious trouble.

Kimmi and Tasha are also in hot water. Tasha has a slight advantage. She could flip again to Spencer’s side and ensure her safety. Both women, though, picked a losing “voting block” in week 10. They are not big enough physical threats that they will be immediate targets, but if someone like Jeremy wins immunity, they are in trouble.

Who is Going Home?

I fear that Jeremy’s confessionals all season will prove to be prophetic. Jeremy was so concerned about his place in the game and not being viewed as a threat. He was desperate to keep Stephen in the game because he knew Stephen was a) a strong ally, and b) a good shield to divert attention off himself. Now that Stephen is gone, Jeremy’s days are numbered. He has a hidden immunity idol, but it wouldn’t be the first time a smart Survivor player went home with immunity in their pocket. 

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