It’s season 6 of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills! And while there are some changes to the cast (most notably, Kim Richards is finally taking some time off to get healthy and Brandi Glanville got the ax), there’s sure to be the same drama. Albeit, quite glamorous drama, I’m sure.

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First Pitch Diva

In the season premiere, “Life’s a Pitch,” Lisa Vanderpump gets a visit at Casa de Vanderpump from the LA Dodgers’ pitcher AJ Ellis. She’s throwing out the first pitch at an upcoming LGBT game and she needs all the practice she can get. It also doesn’t hurt that AJ is a total hunk. Ken gives her the advice to imagine Brandi’s head as she’s hurling the ball. In that case, she says she’ll hit him right on the nose.

Despite wanting to hit Brandi in the face with flying objects, she claims that she doesn’t have any ill will toward Brandi. She also says it’s a bonus that she doesn’t have to cross paths with her anymore. She wants nothing to do with her. Yet … she’s still talking about her.

Later, her first pitch at the Dodgers game goes well. She has an adorable customized pink jersey and a bedazzled pink hat. And despite wearing wedges and diamonds, she manages to throw it straight.

Lisa Rinna has a visitor as well, some producers from the Oprah Winfrey Network who are filming a “Where are They Now?” segment. It’s been 26 years since she’s been on Oprah, and she’s had a ton of odd jobs since. She loves her life and she feels very blessed, but she’s worried that when she dies she’s mainly going to be remembered for wearing diapers.

Eileen, on the other hand, has had the same constant job in soaps since she was 22, and she’s not thinking about retiring any time soon. Right now, she’s involved in a storyline where she’s in a love triangle with her daughter and her boyfriend. She said she was in the same storyline 30 years ago, only then she was the daughter. Anyway, she still enjoys her jobs and likes how it keeps her on her toes.

In Sickness and in Health

Kyle and Lisa Vanderpump meet for lunch, after Kyle tries on $75,000 sunglasses at her store. Kyle tells her about her new scripted TV show in the works about her life growing up in the ’70s. Gag. I’m sure the world has already heard enough of the Richards family drama.

Apparently, Kyle’s sister, Kathy, isn’t too excited about the idea either. And she hasn’t even talked to Kim about it because she’s still mad after being arrested at the Beverly Hills Hotel after a drunken bender. Kyle is glad that Kim is finally getting help (again) and she hopes it sticks this time. At least now it’s all out in the open and she doesn’t have to worry about hiding it anymore. 

The two also talk about Yolanda, who they understand is sick, but maybe they don’t really understand how sick. They both claim they’ve tried reaching out to her, but it’s hard to see her when she doesn’t leave the house.

Poor Yolanda is really suffering with her Lyme Disease. She’s been staying in their condo for nine months because it’s in the city, closer to her doctors and the house in Malibu is just too big for her to navigate in her neurological condition. It’s been so hard for her that she says sometimes her kids are the only reason she gets out of bed some days.

And where is her faithful husband? Traveling and working, of course, because she says all of that shouldn’t have to stop just because she’s sick. Um, yeah, Yolanda, it should stop to an extent. “In sickness and in health” is a thing that most couples vow for a reason. At least Yolanda’s friend Angie (pop star Cody Simpson’s mom) is there for her.

Lisa Rinna and her daughters go shopping. She says it’s hard raising kids in this town because you want them to appreciate money, but all of their friends are so wealthy. Her daughter, Delilah, is 17 and working at a deli because Lisa told her that if she wanted a car, she’d have to earn the money to buy it.

Eileen is redecorating her home because even though Brandi’s comments about her house last season hurt her feelings, she realized she could probably change some things up. She also realized she can hold attachment to inanimate objects, which isn’t always healthy.

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Another Season, Another Birthday

It’s Lisa Rinna’s birthday and she’s having a dinner on the patio at a beautiful restaurant. Eileen can’t make it because their family is dealing with the loss of her husband Vince’s father and famous actor, Dick Van Patten. She is kind enough to send Lisa a gift, though.

Yolanda rallies long enough to stop by. Lisa Rinna is touched that she made the effort to come, but Kyle and Lisa Vanderpump are being so bitchy that all they can talk about is how she’s not wearing makeup. Even Ken thinks she looks ill, but he says he told her she looked well because that’s what all women like to hear. Why are they being so disgusting and judgmental? I mean, I expect that from Kyle to a certain extent, but Lisa and Ken too? Anyway, Lisa Rinna thinks that it’s admirable of Yolanda to show up in such a vulnerable state.

The next day, Kyle talks to Mauricio about her situation with Kim. She says she’s come to the realization that Kim might never change, and even if she does, their relationship might never change. She wants to emotionally detach herself to protect herself from more pain. She feels like she’s being selfish by not talking to Kim, but she finally sees that just because she wants to be there for Kim doesn’t mean that Kim wants her to be there for her. She seems to finally realize that what Kim might need to get better is some distance from Kyle.

Next time, Kyle and Lisa go to Italy, while Yolanda continues to battle her health.


The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills airs Tuesdays at 9pm on Bravo.

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