Let’s do some Survivor: Cambodia math shall we? After last week’s double elimination, there are now five members of the jury and eight contestants left, two of which are holding onto hidden immunity idols that can only be played up until the final five. It may sound like a lot, but it’s not nearly as complicated as how the votes have been going this season. Let’s see whose second chance ends tonight.

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Jeremy touches base with Spencer after his buddy, Stephen, was blindsided. Spencer feels like he’s more in control of the game now, but he can’t revert to his old game-bot ways. He has a feeling he might still need Jeremy, so he wants to keep that relationship good.

Jeremy, on the other hand, is very uncomfortable. He doesn’t like how things keep shifting and how he was left out of the last vote. He’d rather know what was going on.

Meanwhile, Kimmi and Kelley conspire in the hammock. Kimmi proposes that they get rid of Joe next. Then the women will have a numbers advantage and can go all the way to the final four. She says she didn’t leave her family to be a pawn in someone else’s game; it’s time she takes her fate into her own hands. And Kelley seems eager to go along with the “Girl Power” plan.

Come on Out Family!

It’s not just a regular reward challenge for a barbecue celebration today as the Survivors’ loved ones are here! Among them are San Juan del Sur cast members Val, Jeremy’s currently pregnant wife, and Dale Wentworth, Kelley’s dad. Joe’s and Kimmi’s dads are here along with Abi’s mom. Keith’s wife, and Tasha’s cousin are there too. And Spencer finally finds the courage to say, “I love you,” to his girlfriend Marcella. Awwww.

For the challenge, they have to race to dig up two bags in the sand. Then they have to spin around a post to get another bag, cross a balance beam while dizzy to get another, and then use the pieces in the bags to solve a puzzle. The first one to do so wins a barbecue back at camp.

Kimmi is the first to dig up her bags and get to her post, but the spinning makes her so dizzy that she can’t make it across the balance beam.

Everyone’s working on the puzzle at the same time except for Kimmi and Tasha. But Kelley’s the first one to see the letters as the word “nourishment” so she wins reward.

Jeff tells her to pick three people. She picks Keith, Kimmi and Abi. Jeff tells her to pick one more person so she picks Joe because the family visit has meant so much to him.

All of the winners are so happy to eat and be around their loved ones. Joe’s dad opens up to him and tells him what a good son and a good friend he is. It’s a sweet moment and Joe is touched by has dad’s expression.

But the bitter three back at camp are…well…bitter. Spencer says Kelley’s picks weren’t surprising, but they were like tiny little shanks to the heart one after the other.

Spencer apologizes to Tasha and Jeremy about voting for Stephen and he assures them he still trusts and wants to work with them. That’s easy for him to say after realizing he’s at the bottom of that other rag-tag bunch he voted with at the last Tribal Council. Tasha likes it though because she thinks she now has options. She can either keep working with Jeremy and Spencer (why you’d want to go to the end with those two, I don’t really know) or she can work with the girls in a woman’s alliance. Hmm… going to the end with Abi or with Jeremy? Sounds like an obvious choice to me.

Balance or Bust

For immunity this week, the Survivors have to balance a statue on a long wooden pole. As time passes, they’ll have to add extensions to their poles to make the balancing more difficult. The last man and the last woman standing will both win immunity.

Twenty minutes in and the poles are already 10 feet tall. Kimmi is the first one out followed shortly by Abi. After another five minutes, Tasha falls so Kelley Wentworth wins the ladies’ immunity necklace.

Spencer and Jeremy fall out soon after Kelley’s win. So it’s Keith and Joe for another hour and twenty minutes. Until Joe passes out.

It’s a scary moment. He’s out cold. Medical rushes over and determines that he has low blood sugar and his body just collapsed so it could replenish itself. But he’s going to be okay. And since Joe lost consciousness, Keith wins the other immunity necklace.

Time to Scramble

The challenge obviously took a lot out of Joe. He’s exhausted but not quite ready to give up. He makes an argument to Jeremy that Abi is the most dangerous person there because she’s the person everyone wants to take to the end, therefore, she’s just as big of a threat as he is. He does make a compelling argument.

Jeremy brings Joe’s pitch to Spencer and Tasha. Tasha tells them that the women are working on a girl’s alliance, but she promises she’s all in with them. All this does is seed more suspicion in Jeremy and Spencer. Now they’re terrified of getting rid of Joe, but keeping him could be just as bad.

Now Jeremy wants to break up the girls before they have a chance to get something started. But Tasha refuses to let Joe survive yet another Tribal Council.

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Tribal Council

Jeff checks in with Joe, who is pretty disappointed that he lost the challenge. However, is also grateful to … you know … still be alive. Kelley says that no one can compete with Joe. No one else here is willing to push themselves that hard and it’s scary.

Joe isn’t the only one who feels vulnerable tonight though. Abi says she always feels like she’s on the bottom. Joe says she shouldn’t be worried because everyone wants to go to the end with her. He makes a final plea to the others to not let her take up a final three spot that someone else might deserve.

To the Vote!

Abi votes for Joe and Joe votes for Abi. There’s a stray vote for Tasha (that comes from Keith, who probably doesn’t want to vote for his friend) but the rest of the votes are for Joe.

Adios, Joe! You played the game the only way you know how, but by doing so you made it harder on yourself. Nobody’s perfect; not even Joey Amazing.

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