We are in the home stretch of The Voice season 9. This is the last week of the single eliminations before we move to the semifinals. The Top 10 will become the Top 9, but after that it’s going to get much more serious. More than half of the remaining contestants will go home in the semifinals, with five artists going home. Yet who will be among that Top 9 to survive and experience the “bloodbath” that will be the semifinal eliminations? Here are our best guesses for who will make it to the Top 9.

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Who is Safe?

Jeffery Austin: If I had to pick the final three for this season of The Voice, it would be these first three artists listed here. Specifically talking about Jeffery, this really is the best time for him to be on The Voice. When Sam Smith and Adele are two of the most popular artists in the country, Jeffery hits on something very important in the zeitgeist. He could that popular genre wave all the way to the end. Jeffery might not be as good as Sam Smith or Adele, but he is getting there.

Emily Ann Roberts: There is no artist more radio ready on The Voice than Emily Ann. She has a sound that is crisp, clean and polished. There is an infectious joy about Emily and it will no doubt continue to respond with America for her to make it to the Top 9.  

Jordan Smith: My bias might be showing because “Hallelujah” is one of my absolute favorite songs. I think I would enjoy anyone singing it. We really should collectively try to ignore everything Carson says, but I’m inclined to agree with his comments following Jordan’s performance. This really felt like a finale song in the Top 10, but it will earn Jordan a Top 9 spot.

Barrett Baber: If any of the previous artists don’t walk home with The Voice trophy, Barrett might come out of nowhere and sweep it. He doesn’t quite have the attention from the judges like Jeffery, Jordan and Emily Ann do, but he’s just as good as, if not better than, them.

Shelby Brown: When The Voice gets to the semifinals, Shelby might be in trouble. However, moving into the Top 9, Shelby’s safe. Especially considering how powerful Shelby’s performance was in the Top 10, her chances of staying are more than secure. 

Amy Vachal: Amy is very hit and miss for me. I appreciate her desire to mix up songs and make them her own, but it doesn’t always work for me. I thought her cover of an ‘N Sync song was better than most of her performances. My opinion is irrelevant to Amy’s chances, though. America hasn’t agreed with me, but I think we will be in agreement this time. She’ll move forward.

Zach Seabaugh: The screams tell you all you really need to know about Zach’s chances to make it to the Top 9. I don’t think it’s fair because I don’t particularly enjoy Zach’s voice and I think there are much stronger singers, but whatever. I’ve said my piece about Zach; it doesn’t change his (very) vocal fan base.

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Who is in Danger?

Korin Bukowski: Considering she’s been in the bottom two for two weeks running, odds are good that Korin will be there again. At least she dyed her hair back to its original brown and doesn’t look so much like a mini-Gwen. She just sounded exactly like Gwen … Look, the girl’s days are numbered, but maybe she’ll squeak through with another survival.

Madi Davis: While I’ve liked Madi, I don’t think she’s had a real standout moment. If we are going by odds again, someone from Team Pharrell has gone home each week. I think Madi had her best performance in the Top 10, but I’m not sure it will be enough to keep her safe. I hope it does, but I’m not supremely confident. 

Who is Going Home?

Braiden Sunshine: Braiden’s makeover was much better than his previous ones. This was the first performance where I wasn’t distracted by him being forced to not wear his glasses. Yet the most memorable thing about Braiden’s performance is how he looked, not how he sounded. Evan McKeel had a similar problem in the Top 11 when his back-up dancer overshadowed him. Evan went home. The Voice history will more than likely repeat itself with Braiden.

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