The 100‘s John Murphy is riding that redemption arc like nobody’s business. Season 1’s problematic fave turned our expectations upside down and inside out as he tumbled headfirst into the battle against ALIE, and, as the clock ticks down to yet another apocalypse, you can expect to see Murphy’s tumultuous evolution continue in The 100 season 4.

It’s fair to say that Murphy (Richard Harmon) and the rest of the delinquents got off on the wrong foot. An attempted lynching and vengeful murder will do that to you. Anger tempered as new enemies took center stage, however. When the young Arker reunited with Clarke (Eliza Taylor) in Polis, it was time for a team up we never thought possible. As season 4 begins, Harmon believes Murphy could continue on as the wild card ally. 

“He’s following his own path, and I trust that path because I know he’s got a good moral compass inside and I think now that audience is starting to see that more,” Harmon teased. “I don’t know if he’s really following the path of the heroes and the rest of the characters, but he’s following the path that’s right for him. I think we can expect him to continue to do that.”

Still, altruism doesn’t run in Murphy’s veins. Even his love for Emori (Luisa D’Oliveira) is steeped in a layer of selfishness, according to the actor. 

“I think, honestly, we’ll probably see a little more of that turmoil,” Harmon promised. “Should I be doing the right thing because I know it’s the right thing, or should I be looking out for myself? Or, more importantly, should I be looking after Emori?”

The outcast Arker isn’t changing his ways so much as his peers are finally starting to realize his true nature. Murphy may balk at authority at every turn — we wouldn’t expect anything less — but he has the begrudging respect of The 100‘s two key players. 

“I think we found a newfound respect for one another,” Harmon said of Murphy and Clarke. “And Murphy and Bellamy. I think that’s the other characters understanding him a little bit better and thinking, ‘Maybe we had this guy wrong.’ I don’t blame them for having him wrong. He did what he did and there’s no escaping that.”

Will Murphy backslide when season 4 premieres with “Echoes”? We certainly hope not. He’ll never find a home in the stereotypical hero trope, but let’s not forget that Clarke and Bellamy’s hands are slick with blood. When the fate of the human race hangs in the balance, you can’t pick and choose who will save the day.

The 100 returns Feb. 1 at 9/8c on The CW.

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Vanessa Frith

Contributing Writer, BuddyTV