Any true fan of Pretty Little Liars understands that there is one relationship in this show above all others that we need to see play out. That relationship is Emison. Since the first days of PLL, we’ve known Emily is in love with Ali. She’s had other girlfriends, but those feelings for Ali never went away, and often cost her other relationships. As the show progressed, we’ve also seen that, while Ali does toy with Emily’s feelings for her, that isn’t to say they’re not reciprocated. Fans and the cast are in full support of this ship, and if you don’t fully get it yet, re-watch these six episodes to understand why #EmisonIsEndgame.

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1. “The Perfect Storm” (Season 1, Episode 9)

The first kiss between Ali and Emily was iconic. In this flashback scene, we saw Emily finally muster up the courage to kiss Alison when the two were sitting in an aisle in the school library. This episode in general was a perfect depiction of their relationship. We see Ali flirting and genuinely showing interest in Emily, not pushing her away when she made a move. Later on, in another flashback, Emily tries again and gets shut down by Ali when she’s in a mood. Ali makes their kiss sound insignificant, saying, “A kiss is a kiss. I like boys. Trust me, if I’m kissing you, it’s because it’s practice for the real thing.” This showed that Ali did have feelings for Emily, but didn’t want to address what that might mean for her. It also showed that she has a bad habit of taking advantage of Emily’s feelings.

2. “Over My Dead Body” (Season 2, Episode 12)

When Emily is passed out, she has a dream sequence of Ali (who she thinks is dead at the time) coming to her and letting her know everything is going to be okay. While consoling her, Alison tells Emily that she was her favorite and that she misses her the most out of everyone. After discovering that Ali was actually alive, it turned out this actually happened. Emily wasn’t dreaming. Just further proof that Alison is in love with Emily, but could only admit it when there was no chance of consequences.

3. “Dead to Me” (Season 3, Episode 18)

One day while the two were studying after school, Alison started to daydream about escaping Rosewood forever to live a romantic life in Paris. Who did she want by her side? Emily, of course. “You would look so good on top of the Eiffel Tower” is a line that stuck with Emily for years to come. Just based on this scene, fans are still hoping these two escape to the City of Love one day.

4. “Miss Me x100” (Season 5, Episode 5)

Finally, after years of confusion and not acting on their feelings, Emily and Alison hooked up in a way fans have been dying to see. Though both were still unsure and Emily didn’t know if she could trust Ali, the two couldn’t resist each other. This episode showed that despite Ali’s lies and betrayals, Emily can’t help but be there for her. She stayed the night without the intention of even hooking up, but only because Alison was so scared to be alone. No matter what, Emily will always be there for her.

5. “Do Not Disturb” (Season 6, Episode 15)

Even after five years and with Alison “happily” married, these two couldn’t help but be there for each other. Emily was at an all-time low and resorted to selling her eggs to make some quick cash. When Alison heard about this, she dropped everything to be there with her through the procedure. Ali came to Emily’s house to talk about the issues of Sara Harvey and Jenna, but when she found out about Emily’s situation, that was immediately put on the back burner. No matter what else is going on, it seems that the two of them will always put each other before all else.

6. “The DArkest Knight” (Season 7, Episode 10)

It’s no accident that Pretty Little Liars is showing us that the Emison connection is still going strong. Even after the time-jump, their relationship just gets stronger and they always find their way back to each other. This season 7 episode showed that Emily doesn’t care about being happy if it means being happy without Ali. It had looked like she could finally settle down with someone who treats her right (Paige, who is actually great for her), but she threw it away without question when a window opened up for Alison. With Ali’s psycho husband dying, her pregnancy and Emily’s now lack of eggs, all the chips seem to be stacking up for an epic Emison ending.

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