Chancellor Jaha sacrificed himself for the good of his people and like a good captain decided to go down with the ship in The 100 season finale. With a bottle of liquor intended for a celebration on Earth, he sat alone in the Ark’s final ring and toasted those who headed to the ground.

At this summer’s San Diego Comic-Con, Isaiah Washington spoke with reporters about Jaha’s decision to stay in the Ark and teased what will happen to the Chancellor in season 2.

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Jaha’s not done for yet. He has at least a couple weeks of air remaining, though he may not be of sound mind. Washington said, “He’s not very well up there. A lot of strange things happen when you are dying slowly. You can die slowly for two seasons. You never know.”

It’s not just a lack of oxygen that Jaha will come to terms with, but the actions that he took as a leader. He has enormous regret over his decisions, “He executed 300 people and then realized that circumstances out of his control, he didn’t have to,” Washington said.

“That doesn’t erase the fact that he’s the one who pushed the button. He can’t point fingers at Kane or anyone else, he did it. It’s interesting how you see him deal with the weight of all of that.”

Jaha’s situation will continue to deteriorate. Washington lamented, “He’s degraded even more. I didn’t think the character could fall any lower, but in a beautiful, brutal way. I can’t really give any more than that. [Executive Producer] Jason [Rothenberg] is brutal.”

While Jaha’s predicament will get worse, is there light and air rich in Oxygen in his future? Could there be a way for the Chancellor to get from the last ring of the Ark to the Ground? Maybe.

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Washington tweeted a picture of someone in a space suit last week with the tag, “Yeah I leaked it…#ChancellorJaha LIVES on @cwthe100.” 

A Warner Bros. representative confirmed that that photo is real.

What remains a mystery is if that is in fact Jaha in the space suit and whether or not he’s making an attempt to get to Earth. Given the comments from Washington, it wouldn’t be a far reach to speculate that Jaha’s lost his mind and put on the suit while in a delusional state.

It’s just as easy to guess that he either figures out a way to get to Earth on his own or reaches his people on the ground and they help him. It’s all speculation at this point, though the tweeted picture is sure to spark conversation.

Washington did provide some insight into what happens to Jaha in the end, “Chancellor Jaha’s fate is gonna be okay. You’re going to be okay with it. You’ll be in alignment with it. But, his presence is not going away ever.”

Would you like to see Jaha make it to Earth?

The 100 Season 2 premieres Wednesday, October 22 at 9pm ET on the CW.

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