The 100 ended season 1 with several major cliffhangers. Who’s dead and who’s alive? When the series returns this October, the premiere will pick up in the immediate aftermath of the finale. While it’s still officially a mystery whether Bellamy and Finn made it through the battle alive or not, it is confirmed that Raven survives. 

Both Lindsey Morgan (Raven) and Ricky Whittle (Lincoln) have been upped to series regular status for season 2. Fans of Raven and Lincoln can rejoice at this happy news. 

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We caught up with Eliza Taylor, Morgan and Whittle at San Diego Comic-Con this summer to get the scoop on The 100 Season 2. If you thought last season was intense and dark, hold on for next season. It looks to get even more grim, yet exhilarating.

Check out the video interviews and highlights below.

Ricky Whittle Interview

Highlights from the interview:

  • Season 2 starts with Lincoln and Octavia headed for safety. Her injury may be more complicated than just an arrow wound to the leg. “They will be challenged right off the bat.”
  • In episode 1, there is a revelation “that will shock people.” Viewers will learn more about the different factions and groups like the Grounders and Reapers through Lincoln and Octavia.
  • “It’s going to get very dark and it’s going to be very challenging for the two. They’re on their own out there.”
  • There will be a new language introduced. Lincoln teaches the Grounder language to Octavia. “You’ll see some really fascinating scenes between various groups that speak this other language.”
  • “You’ll see from different people’s perspectives. Not everyone good is good and not everyone bad is bad. The community has different people. Some people will want war and some people will want peace and some people will just want to tear everything up.”
  • “Season 2 will be even darker [than Season 1].”
  • Lincoln and Octavia are heading to the boat people. “It’s not as simple as it seems … it’s not going to be an easy ride.”
  • Lincoln is teaching Octavia to say, “My name is Octavia of the Sky People and I seek safe passage.” 
  • There will be some subtitles in season 2. 
  • Lincoln and Octavia don’t know what happened at the battle or what happened to the others. They will be nervous and worried about them. Octavia will worry about Bellamy. Lincoln is worried about her safety and worries about her brother’s well-being since she does. “Maybe that brings them back, maybe it doesn’t. We’ll see.”

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Eliza Taylor and Lindsey Morgan Interview

Highlights from the interview:

  • Throughout the series, Clarke’s had to make difficult moral decisions. When she finds herself in the White Room, “she’s just in warrior mode.” She wants to find her friends. 
  • Raven never had a lot of friends, distrusting and independent. Since arriving on the ground, she’s learned she can’t survive on her own and she does need love. Now, she’s vulnerable and gives up her way in order to survive. Her friends are her survival.
  • Morgan won’t say whether Raven is in Mount Weather or not.
  • The adults who came down will have to see the kids “in a new way.” They are adults now too. 
  • There’s so much to play with the Clarke and Abby reunion. The mom and daughter have a lot to hash out. 

The 100 Season 2 premieres Wednesday, October 22 at 9pm ET on the CW.

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