Warning: This article contains spoilers from the series finale of HBO’s True Blood.

Get it? Mistake? Because Sookie staked Bill? Okay, I guess it wasn’t that simple, and it’s not like Sookie wanted to kill Bill (I didn’t even mean to make that reference, but I’m glad I did). I’m a little disappointed in myself, because I was SO sure they would end up together. Alcide died an honorable death, Sookie started to remember all those good times she had with Bill, and they were thisclose to getting back together, but then Sookie had to infect Bill, and Bill had to go and reminisce about his human life with Caroline and want the best for Sookie. Overall, I understand why Bill had to die, but that doesn’t mean I’m not a little sad about it. 

Was Bill Really the Villain?

Yes. Bill was the villain of True Blood. Sometimes I forget that Sookie and Bill were only a functioning couple for two seasons. But those two seasons were filled with boundless love! Like, real, real love. Even though Bill set up Sookie’s initial attack outside of Merlotte’s so that he could gain her trust and force his blood into her system. SO that he could spy on her for Sophie-Ann. Not cool, Bill. 

However, we knew that Bill truly did fall in love with Sookie, and they probably would have gotten hitched were it not for Bill’s kidnapping at the end of season 2. After that, things just went down down downhill. Bill was held hostage by Lorena, he had hate-sex with Lorena after he told Sookie he didn’t love her anymore, then he almost killed Sookie after she rescued him. It’s an understatement that Bill really, really messed up. 

But still…you can’t deny Sookie and Bill’s magnetism, can you?

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Why Didn’t Bill Just Work on Being a Better Vampire?

Like, honestly, Bill. You’ve made some horrible mistakes, but what can you expect when you live forever? Yes, Bill used to be a blood-thirsty monster when he was with Lorena. He did some terrible things to Sookie. And then he turned into a megalomaniac when he joined that religious cult in season 5. That’s when I truly began to despise him. He didn’t seem like the Bill we knew in the beginning of True Blood at all. He was cocky, always wore that stupid leather jacket, and thought he knew all about Lillith and her salvation. Blah, blah, blah. Oh, Bill. You misguided, tortured vampire. 

But Bill realized his mistakes! He was on his way to becoming a better being in season 7. He was done with his hunt for power and validity. He just wanted to live in peace and occasionally see Sookie. Actually, I don’t really know what his deal was in season 7 minus all those flashbacks, but hey. He wasn’t killing anyone. He wasn’t super self-loathing. He was just Bill. And he went back to those henley shirts THANK LILLITH. 

If Bill had gotten over his demons more or less, why couldn’t he and Sookie have worked out?

They Could Have Adopted

Okay yes. There’s the big “I’m Not Able To Give You Children” thing. Well, there’s always adoption. Which is better for the earth, anyway. Or I guess Sookie could be procured semen from a dude that looks like Bill. I don’t know. That’s why science exists, guys. Yeah, Sookie’s mortal and Bill’s immortal. But does love really know age? It does not. Bill would be with Sookie until the end of time. 

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Or…Sookie Could Have Become a Fairy-Vampire

This goes against the true essence of Sookie Stackhouse, but it could have worked out. If she had a baby before (using either method previously mentioned), he could have turned her, and there you go. She would have everything. Her fairy powers AND vampire powers (which are awesome, you must admit). 

The point is that Bill didn’t have to enlist Sookie to kill him. It was selfish and annoying of him, and truly just stupid. It’s sad he doesn’t get to see his old family anymore, but there’s no guarantee he’ll see them in the afterlife, either. Especially with his track record, if we’re gonna do some holy judging. If Bill was meant to die, then the cure wouldn’t have been shoved into his face. He made a choice. And it wasn’t a great one. Even though now Sookie gets a human baby and a human husband and a human life, but ugh. How boring.

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