With Amber and Jameka on the block, and plans for a backdoor nomination of Jen, this veto competition was all about the prizes to most houseguests this week. They were dreaming of money, trips, and outside excursions.

Amber had a vision that she won the veto competition. Daniele and crew were hoping that anyone would win it except Jen. Dick is back to being ugly and hateful towards her. I really don’t understand the need for these people to demonize or vilify the one they plan on evicting. Especially now … if she does go out, she’ll be on the jury. Her vote could be the difference between $500,000 and $50,000.

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A little more information is now known about the Power of Veto competition. Only the first and second place winners will receive the prize of an outing. Daniele won the PoV and Amber was in 2nd place. They’ve all been talking about the questions they were asked and they were percentage type questions. They came from the poll/survey that was on cbs.com last week.

We still don’t know where the girls are going or what they will be doing, but they’ve packed overnight bags today. Amber says that she was told that they will be gone for 48 hours. Amber has been getting her hair done by Jameka for the last few hours. This is going to be a nice birthday present for Daniele. It will be interesting to hear whether Amber drove her completely batty on their trip, or if they will be BFF. I vote for batty.

What about that editing that Big Brother gave Amber last night? The first few weeks, she got great editing. She was the sympathetic, caring single mom. They didn’t show much of her whining and crying, nor did they show how two-faced she was behaving. Now, since her anti-Semitic rant that was talked about everywhere, they are giving her horrible editing. She keeps saying that her daughter watches the show and I hope that’s not true. I really hope that Amber’s mom is screening the show before letting her daughter view it.

Last night Big Brother gave Daniele a little birthday party. They had expensive cupcakes that she specifically requested. You would think that would make her happy, but no. She pouted for hours last night. Eric, of all people, was able to cheer her up and convince her to join the rest of the group. Part of her problem is that she received a card from her friends, but she didn’t receive any word at all from her boyfriend, Kris. Between that and supposed insinuations from the Diary Room that Kris has dumped her, she’s really been down.

This season, I’ve noticed the houseguests being very open about Diary Room manipulation and the control room has been slow on blanking that out. A few of them said a couple of weeks ago that the DR was pressuring them to change their vote from evicting Eric to evicting Kail. Last week, Eric wasn’t crazy about making a deal with Dick and Daniele and was persuading Jessica that it was a bad deal. Then all of a sudden, he gets called to the Diary Room and when he came out, he’d done a 180. Daniele said this week that the Diary Room was trying to get her to keep her nominations the same. I’m sure they’ve done this in previous seasons, but this year it’s more out in the open.

Power of Veto ceremony was earlier today, and as expected, Daniele removed Amber and replaced her with Jen. Jen is understandably upset because Daniele told her that she’d have her back until the end. That bothered Dick because his whole game has been about being honest and upfront. He may be obnoxious, but he’s going to be obnoxious to your face and tell you like it is. He asked Daniele why she’d tell Jen something like that when she had no intentions of following through.

So Jameka and Jen are on the block. Everyone has been telling Jameka that she has nothing to worry about. If this doesn’t change at least 2 or 3 times in the next few days, it will probably be the first time this season where they’ve stayed constant. Don’t count out Jen, though, and don’t count out America. She’s pretty high up on the favorite houseguest poll on cbs.com, and I won’t be surprised to see Eric given the directive to get Jameka evicted. Daniele feels pretty confident, though, feeling that she has Dick, Amber and Zach’s votes locked up. I guess we’ll see … until next time, catch y’all in the forums!

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