This is Daniele’s second reign as Head of Household. Will she make any bold moves this time like she did last time? Will she manage to get Jen out this time? So far she’s been pretty calm and I’m hoping that she continues to have fun. The last time she was so bitter over Nick’s leaving and vengeful, that I don’t think she enjoyed her week at all.

It seems that Eric and Jessica’s bold move in breaking from the LNC5 was a good decision. Because you know and I know, if Dick would have been evicted instead of Dustin, Daniele would have been gunning for Eric and Jessica. Dick, Daniele, Jessica and Eric seem to have a final four alliance/deal going on right now. Those things never work out. I just wonder who will turn first.

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It seems that Dick and Daniele are going to honor their agreement with Eric and Jessica for now. Daniele still really wants Eric out, but she’s willing to go along with the deal. Eric, on the other hand, is plotting how to get Jen to win HoH soon and put up Dick and Daniele again to get one of them out. That really does not mesh with Daniele’s plan to backdoor Jen this week.

Daniele carried through with part one of her plan. She nominated Jameka and Amber. She’s hoping that anyone but Jen wins the veto competition and that they remove one of the two nominees. Amber had one of her visions. She said that she dreamed or something last week that she won a veto competition, but she was confused because Dustin wasn’t there and Dick put the medal around her neck. After Thursday, the clouds lifted and she understands now. So she’s convinced that she’s going to win the Power of Veto this week.

Eric spent literally hours last night attempting to explain to Jameka and Amber what happened Thursday. He’s got to be gunning for jury votes, otherwise why bother? And I truly mean hours. I think Shotoo spent an hour of their three hour Big Brother After Dark on him. Gosh, he’s boring and he repeats himself continually. By minute fifteen, I was screaming at my TV for him to shut the heck up. I don’t know how Amber or Jameka kept from falling asleep. The bad part was that he talked to them one at a time. By the time he got to Amber, I probably could have given that speech.

The spectre of Nick still haunts the Big Brother house. Daniele asked for and received a letter from him with her HoH goodies. That’s cool, but what about her boyfriend? Wonder how he felt about that. Her first reign she gets a letter from her grandmother, which I can see, but this? He has to be one understanding guy.

I’m obviously not the only one wondering about this. Daniele was whining last night that her outside the house life was going to be totally ruined after this show (imagine her whine while reading that sentence) and she locked herself in the HoH room early. Later that night, Dick was ranting that someone in the Diary Room was questioning her desire for a letter from Nick instead of a letter from her boyfriend. That person, according to Dick, insinuated that Kris (her boyfriend) was going to dump her or had already. They were supposed to be speaking to Rich (some bigwig producer) about this today, but I don’t know if they did. How dare they, ranted Dick. She has enough on her plate without this outside interference (imagine me rolling my eyes at this point).

In addition to nominations, there was a food competition on Friday. The way they talked, it was a variation of the Beer Pong game that the houseguests have been playing on the dining room table. There were two teams of four. Zach, Dick, Eric and Jessica were on one team and Jen, Amber, Jameka and Daniele were on the other team. The team with Zach won, which is not surprising because he, Eric and Jessica play this game almost every night lately. Since Daniele is HoH, she still gets to eat, but Jen, Amber and Jameka are on slop. That’s really got to stink. Being nominated for eviction and being on the slop diet.

The Power of Veto competition was held today. In addition to Daniele, Amber and Jameka, Dick, Zach and Jessica were chosen to play. Poor Eric, he STILL hasn’t had a chance to participate in a PoV competition. Daniele did choose him to be the host. This is also becoming habit. They joke in the house that he’s the professional host of veto comps. The competition seems to be a question/answer type thing that was based on a survey posted on this week. Daniele won the PoV again! This girl is killin’ it! This brings her total so far to 2 HoH’s and 3 PoV’s. Daniele, Amber and Jessica also won some kind of outing. I’m not sure what and they don’t seem to know exactly what either. Amber has been saying that she has nothing to wear, but other than that, I don’t know.

So Daniele has won PoV. Will she keep her nominations the same or will she carry out part two of her plan and take one of the girls off the block and replace her with Jen? She talked about making some kind of deal with Amber to do exactly that. I didn’t hear what Amber would bring to the table, but I assume it would be some kind of freedom from nomination if Amber were to win HoH (which was another of her visions). It’s early yet, and they have until Monday afternoon to wheel and deal. Until next time, catch y’all in the forums!

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