TV Guide is reporting that a former The Sopranos guest star is joining the regular cast of Lost.  Scoopmaster Michael Ausiello broke the news exclusively today of both the identity of the actor as well as the part he will likely play.  His nationality makes room for some very interesting speculation as well.  Since this is the first news to prove true outside of vague character descriptions and the sad let down last week from Kristen Bell, you can definitely consider the information to be somewhere near spoilerish in nature. You are warned.

Ausiello reported that Ken Leung, who made a lasting impression as Carter Chong, Uncle Junior’s scary protégé, will be joining the regular cast of Lost.   Leung’s other credits include a stint on Law & Order, the part of Danny Glover’s partner in the first Saw movie, as well as his bow as Kid Omega in X-Men: The Last Stand.

It is also insinuated in Ausiello’s report that Leung will play the part of Russel.  Details on Russel made it onto the web when the casting notice made its way through the usual business channels.  The notice says Russell is a brilliant mathematician also interested in endeavors that are more mystical in nature.   He also described as not being that easy to get along with.

It would be wise for overzealous fans to hold back on trying to determine how that character description might fit into Lost’s universe.  In the past, the Lost folks have sought to highlight character traits out of context in casting notices to avoid creating any story connotations.

With Lost now openly dealing with three dimensions of time, Russell could, by his qualifications, fit into any of the sub-plots to be explored in season for.  He could easily be on of the scientists involved in the seemingly anachronistic work of the Dharma initiative, a member of the crew known as ‘Not Penny’s Boat,’ or even a character from the strip of plot to be played out in the Flash forwards.  There is simply no way to be sure for now.

– Jon Lachonis, BuddyTV Senior Writer
Source: Michael Ausiello, TV Guide
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