So Daniele is beginning her second reign as Head of Household.  Will her new alliance between her father, Eric and Jessica win the day?  Will Amber cry?  Will Zach admire how sexy he looks while wearing a ridiculous costume?

There’s a reason they call them rhetorical questions, and in tonight’s episode of Big Brother 8, it all plays out as expected.  The dominant figures control the game, the weak outsiders are targeted, and I completely forget that Jen is even in the game because she gets so little screen time.

Take Two

Amber cries after Dustin leaves, and continually for the first part of the episode.  She whines about how she’s never played anybody, which is a bold lie (off the top of my head, not telling Nick he was going to be the replacement nominee).  Jessica lays down the smartest thing she’d said yet, saying she got Dustin evicted without getting her hands dirty.  Eric is still pretending that he’s pleased as punch with America’s strategy to evict Dustin instead of Dick.  He gets a bit annoying when he proudly boasts about his brilliant timing in aligning himself and Jessica with Dick and Daniele.  It’s annoying because it wasn’t his choice, and if he had his way without America’s Player, Dick would be gone.

After Daniele wins HoH, Amber and Jameka are worried, Eric and Jessica are happy.  Daniele lets it go to her head, saying in the diary room that everyone is worried.  Um, no, really it’s just Amber, Jameka and maybe Jen.  Once again, she is foolish enough to think that her decisions will decide who goes home, but little does she recall last time she was HoH when her plan (keep Kail, backdoor Eric) blew up in her face. 

Daniele and Her Boyfriend(s)

In her HoH room, Daniele gets a letter from Nick, and everyone makes fun of the fact that it’s all pink and glittery.  Zach notes that there are no pictures of of Daniele’s boyfriend.  Seriously, what’s up with this girl?  After all that crying over staying with her boyfriend and getting offended every time someone suggested she was cheating on him with Nick, she glows like a school girl meeting Zac Efron when she gets Nick’s letter.

Ridiculing Amber

It’s time for a hilarious montage in which Amber doesn’t know what words mean.  “Outed,” “backdoor,” “integrity” and “ridicule” are just a couple.  At one point, she doesn’t know what “peanut gallery” is and the producers pipe in some canned laughter from a sitcom.  Genius.

Jessica and Daniele are hedging their bets for the jury, being nice to Amber even though there’s no real reason to.  Jessica plays it convincingly, but Daniele lies up a storm saying how she honestly doesn’t know what she’s going to do.  From everything we’ve seen, there’s absolutely no chance in heck that she doesn’t nominate Amber and Jameka.  You can love Daniele all you want, but her being nice to Amber is one of the phoniest things all season.  Eric is next, explaining his reasoning behind abandoning the Late Night Crew because he would be the primary target if Dick or Daniele won HoH again.

Afterwards, Amber and Jameka sit down and figure out the Donato, Eric and Jessica alliance, but since they don’t have the votes (and Jameka can’t play HoH) , there’s nothing they can do about it.  It’s kind of sad when they realize there’s no hope.

The Big Brother Frat House

The HGs have started playing beer pong.  Eric spends way too much time describing the rules, and it’s kind of funny hearing someone explain how to play such a simple, common game.  The stakes have grown to making outlandish wagers.  Basically, Eric and Jessica keep losing.  Eric must wear booty shorts and then Jessica’s dress.  Zach and company are quite disturbed by how Eric’s petite frame makes him look not too bad as a woman.

The food competition features everyone dressed in togas, and it’s a beer pong game.  Jessica claims toga parties and beer pong are everyday activities for her, which is both pathetic and awesome.  Zach admires how fantastic he looks in the toga, so between this and the bunny suit, it’s clear he loves playing dress up.

It’s Dick, Eric, Jessica and Zach vs. the others.  There’s one feast barrel, and they both get it so later in the week the HGs get a big meal.  It continues and gets tied 9-9, so each team just needs one more barrel.  After missing the entire game, Eric sinks the last ball and so his team is safe, and the others are on slop.  When they get back inside after the food competition, the table is shrunk, as is customary on this show.

No One is as Bad as Julie

Eric and Jessica are cozying up, and Dick comes in and pleads with them to just start kissing.  Jessica says “You’re as bad as Julie,” referring to wen Julie Chen asked Jessica if she had romantic feelings for Eric on Thursday’s live show.  They start laughing about how ridiculous Julie Chen is and whether there actually is anything between the two of them.

America’s Player!  America ants Amber out, and suddenly Eric is all lovey-dovey with America again.  Eric really has no work at all.  He just says the name “Amber” in the HoH room, and the Donatos pounce all over how much they hate her.  Eric goes a bit overboard about how badly he wants to make Amber cry all week long.  The next task involves Eric having to give a “childhood woobie” to someone else.  WTF?  A) Won’t the other HGs notice he just pulled this woobie out of thin air?  And B) when was the last time anyone ever said woobie?  How about you make him try to convince someone to shave their head bald.  That would actually be kind of awesome.


Yawn.  For the past couple of weeks, these nominations have been obvious and boring every week.  Daniele nominates Amber and Jameka.  Daniele makes up some stuff about how hard it is and how it’s not personal.  Yeah, it became personal when your dad started picking on everyone’s personal beliefs and lives.  Apparently the reason they’re nominated is because everyone loves Amber and Jameka so much in the house.  Hahahahaha!  But no, really, Daniele actually says that.  Seriously.  Because everyone loves Amber.  Of course, the real threat is Jen, and once again, there’s a plan to backdoor someone.

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