Many viewers noted that host Mark Consuelos seemed to be absent from the last few episodes of Age of Love, but he was still engaged enough to blog about the experience for NBC.

Mark is husband to soap actress and daytime chat show host Kelly Ripa and father to three children, so he has some perspective on what it takes to make a relationship work once the initial excitement of a new romance has worn off. So what does he think about Mark Philippoussis’s choice of 20-something Kitten Amanda Salinas?

On his NBC Age of Love blog, Mark C. has this to say about the show finale, “I think that Mark chose Amanda because she was more right for him than Jen — not because of her age. I know that many will jump to the conclusion that Mark chose her because of her age, but after getting to know Mark these past weeks, I know this isn’t true. While he had genuine feelings for both of these amazing women, he simply felt more connected to Amanda when push came to shove.”

Mark C. also acknowledges that the situation was a tough one for Mark P., saying “I think we can all learn something from Mark’s experience on Age of Love. Mark must have been feeling a lot of pressure. No matter which woman he chose, he was sure to get criticism from a whole lot of people. “

This is, of course, a statement that proved to be quite correct as many of our own BuddyTV commenters definitely saw his selection of Kitten Amanda as the wrong choice.  Mark C. thinks it was the right one, though. His conclusion regarding the show?

“Mark followed his heart and chose who was right for him. And when it comes to love, we should always follow what’s in our heart.”

– Leslie Seaton, BuddyTV Staff Columnist

Source: NBC
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