So what if we’ve only just watched the season 1 finale of Teen Wolf? Even now, while we bask in the awesomeness of the show, it’s time to look to the future. And that future hopefully includes a lot more Teen Wolf.

No matter what spoilers and news we get in the meantime, it’s safe to assume that we will have to wait months before we find out the answers to any of our burning questions. What’s going to happen to Lydia? Did Derek bite Jackson? Can Scott and Allison make their romance work, despite roughly everything in the universe standing in their way? Can Stiles get any cooler?

I will assume that last question, at least, can be answered in the affirmative.

If you want some actual spoilers about season 2 of Teen Wolf, those are already coming! According to a report from Zap2It, we have a lot to look forward to next season:

  • Stiles gets a little romance: Will it be Lydia? Or is there another girl capable of making Stiles’ nerdy heart go pitter-pat?
  • There will be a female werewolf: But it might not be Lydia. Jeff Davis, Teen Wolf‘s executive producer, has promised a female werewolf transformation in season 2, but of course he’s not going to spoil Lydia’s season-1 cliffhanger by giving away any more details than that.
  • Jackson’s not dead: Not much of a spoiler, is it? Jackson will be back, indicating that he might just be the show’s newest werewolf. Whatever happened to the young man in those final moments of season 1, there will be more Jackson in season 2. Jeff Davis says, “We’re going to delve more into Jackson’s family and his history next season.”
  • Mrs. McCall isn’t going anywhere: Thankfully not eaten by her werewolf boyfriend this season, Scott’s oft-absent mother will be around next year. Will she make more poor dating choices? Give more incredible parenting speeches? That remains to be seen.
  • The curse question hasn’t been answered yet: Scott still wants out of the werewolf curse, even if his obvious path to salvation died at the hands of Derek in this season’s finale. Is there another way out, or is Scott doomed to hate full Moons for all time?

Whatever the case, new episodes of Teen Wolf will begin production in Atlanta this November, and season 2 will follow at some point in 2012.

Next season can’t come soon enough!

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What was your favorite part of season 1? What do you expect to come in season 2? And what’s up with Lydia anyway? Leave your theories and comments below!

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