Epic. Tonight’s season finale was epic. The war between werewolves and hunters is on — with Scott and Stiles stuck in the middle — and all is revealed. Kate is definitely responsible for that fire (unless she didn’t do it). The Alpha and Kate’s brother confront her in a throwdown between the hunters and the werewolves. Scott’s chance at reversing his “lycanthropy” is at stake when Derek kills his uncle, effectively becoming the Alpha of the pack.

Top Five Moments:

5. The Pace of Code Breaker: Tonight’s episode did some great things with its pacing. It sped up and slowed down in all the right scenes, and it had the right suspense for a season finale. Everyone — werewolves, humans, hunters alike — was featured, and it was fantastic. I really hope that the second season has episodes that play with the pace like tonight’s did.

4. Stiles is a Hero: The Alpha offers Stiles a chance at joining the pack — he claims to like Stiles (how could you not?) and he wants a bigger pack. Stiles refuses, but the Alpha detects that Stiles is lying. Interesting. Stiles then races to the hospital, where he figures out that Kate was definitely responsible for the arson, before getting captured by the Argent patriarch. Eventually, it is his homemade bomb that cripples the Alpha. Honestly, he’s the hero of this show. Stiles — you are officially my favorite Teen Wolf character.

3. Argent Family Face-Off: Kate manipulated Allison into capturing Derek and Scott. Allison can’t trust Scott, but she can trust her psychotic Aunt Kate? I have lost most of my faith in this character. Kate shoots Derek and then has a gun on Scott. Papa Argent (next season, writers, provide names clearly) faces off with Kate, because they have to uphold a code. The Alpha kills Kate. The Argents decide to stay in town, although they will be pariahs.

2. The Pack Face-Off: Derek and Scott team up against the Alpha (if anyone else forgot he had a name, it is Peter Hale), but then he turns into a full-fledged beast. Red eyes and a literal wolf form. Stiles and Jackson — potential pack members — throw some cool chemical bombs on the Alpha, injuring him. Derek finishes him off and becomes Alpha. Scott is stuck a werewolf forever. Simply, it was awesome.

1. Who’s the New Werewolf? Not Lydia. She’s suffering from her wounds and is in rough shape. Then what is Lydia? Just human or something more? Does her superbrain play a role into that? Oh, and Derek looks really evil as Alpha — he makes Jackson (boo!) a werewolf. It would have been awesome if Lydia was a werewolf. Maybe the show will introduce another supernatural element next season.

That was the season finale! Tune in for the new season in 2012, most likely to air next summer! I hope everyone had as a great a time watching this show as I did. Leave comments!

Emily E. Steck
Contributing Writer

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Emily E. Steck

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