Who doesn’t remember the fast talking, witty Lorelai Gilmore?  I know I can’t go to any of my girlfriends’ houses without seeing at least one season of Gilmore Girls in their DVD collection.  I recently spoke to Lauren Graham about Jason Ritter’s return to Parenthood, how great is to work on the series and a little about Gilmore Girls

So, I’m a big fan of all your work!  I love Gilmore Girls.  What would you say to fans who really miss the show?

Lauren Graham:
I miss it too, I mean you know I miss that kind of precision of language and those kind of crazy, quirky stories.  I don’t think a week goes by where I don’t reference that time, those stories, those people.

Are you still in touch with anyone from the show?

Lauren Graham: 
Yeah, I’m in touch with a lot of people.  Kelly Bishop is joining the cast of Anything Goes on Broadway in a couple weeks, so I’m definitely going to see her.  Alexis I talk to, and Amy.  You know, it was a significant part of my life.

Definitely!  So what’s coming up with your character on Parenthood?  Before Sarah did well at the end of last season with the play, she always seemed to be on some kind of collision course. 

Lauren Graham:  I like that. I mean, .I don’t know…I think now she’s on a nice path.  We start this season with Amber moving away from home to a place I don’t like.  I worry about her.  And I think it just confronts the idea of what I’m doing about it and what’s the pace of my progress. Anytime you have to watch your child move on is a big deal.  And starting a new relationship and continuing to pursue this career.

So, Jason Ritter is coming back. 

Lauren Graham: He’s the best!  I’m so thankful because that felt like such a full relationship for my character to have and so kind of shortened before it was really over due to the event.  I just know that there was other things that he could have done, but he enjoyed being on Parenthood too.  And that’s just the power of that set; it’s a home where people can feel creative and feel supported.  So he’s back and he’s developing with Jason Katims, but I really think it’s interesting to me, and I haven’t seen it on TV. Like what about an older woman with a younger man, not in a comedic way, you know, but in a real way, like what would the problems be.  Because I have real friends that are going through this. Like they want to get married and the guys that are available are in their 20s and it’s an issue.  So I’m just interested in that and I just love him.

Do you know how long he’s going to be on the show?

Lauren Graham: 
It depends on how it evolves.  Both external reasons and whatever else.  We’ll follow what emerges and pursue that.

What would you really love to see your character do and what are you most looking forward to this season?

Lauren Graham:
  I guess I’m intrigued by someone trying to pursue something artistic. I think we’ve only scratched the surface in terms of what that process is.  I know it’s hard to portray writing visually.  I think there are ways to do it.  I think there are ways to do the internal processes and someone finding themselves late in life and switching gears.  So I don’t know if it’s going back to school or joining a writing group or someway to get those ideas on their feet a little more. 

Thanks for speaking with me!

I look forward to seeing more of the mother/daughter relationship with Sarah/Amber.  They always bring something unique to the table, and both actresses always impress me.  Interviews with all the kids of Parenthood coming up in the next few weeks but in the meantime you can check out our interview with Peter Krause here. And the kids open up about season 3 here.

Parenthood returns September 13 at 10pm. Catch up with Sarah in this clip of All Things Sarah from last season.

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