This week on The Glee Project we prepare for the finale by trimming one last contestant. It’s all about generosity in the music video, and at the end of the day, Glee co-creators Ryan Murphy and Ian Brennan are feeling especially generous in the elimination.

In the homework assignment, Kevin McHale names Lindsay the winner and even gives her the Magic Comb from Glee. That’s awesome and wins the award for the best prop of the night. The worst prop goes to Samuels’ annoying hot pink choreography rehearsal shorts. Seriously, in what universe is that not a horrible idea?

The music video for the week is My Chemical Romance’s “Sing,” and the final four perform with musical instruments and adorable little kids.

Samuel (Keyboard): He’s the only one who actually plays an instrument, and he’s just like the cool, older brother to his kid. He seems to be having a great time.

Damian (Drums): He’s clueless, and he’s even more adorable when he acts like his little kid is the one mentoring him. He has almost no shot of winning The Glee Project, but Damian is still my favorite.

Alex (Bass): It’s very obvious he doesn’t work well with kids and has no idea what to say to his little moppet.

Lindsay (Guitar): She takes an instant shine to her little Mini-Me and really seems to connect with her, but that, combined with the guitar, throws her off during the actual performance.

The Bottom Four

In a big twist, all four of the contestants will sing because Ryan Murphy is bringing co-creator of Glee Ian Brennan to judge, and all the songs were personally chosen by Murphy. Hey will also be the only ones watching, so casting director Robert Ulrich and choreographer Zach Woodlee can’t campaign for their favorites.

Alex (“His Eye Is on the Sparrow,” an old gospel hymn): The song was sung at Alex’s dad’s funeral, which is heavy. Murphy pitches him as the lovechild of Kurt and Mercedes, which is spot-on. Alex does all of his big vocals and belting, and there’s really nothing new to learn about him. He is what he is.

Damian (“I’ve Gotta Be Me” by Sammy Davis, Jr.):
Murphy pitches him as the underdog of the competition. The Rat Pack song is just what he does, but I’m not sure there’s any place on Glee for this style unless they do a stylized ’60s throwback episode or if Breadstix needs a lounge singer. Brennan already writes the subplot where Brittany would never understand a word Damian says, which would be awesome.

Lindsay (“Defying Gravity” from Wicked): It’s hard to get out of Lea Michele’s shadow with this song, and Lindsay is perfectly adequate as an understudy for the road company of Wicked. There’s really no compelling character I can see coming from her.

Samuel (“My Funny Valentine” by Rodgers and Hart):
He’s never heard this song, which is absurd. This also gives him a chance to show off a serious, emotional side that was lacking in last week’s rock god performance. Murphy admits that they’ve always wanted a different kind of religious character on Glee.

I’m 99 percent certain we just found the winner, and his name is Samuel. Recently it was revealed that Dianna Agron dyed her hair pink for the new season, and it make sense that she did it to match her new dreadlocked, punk Christian boyfriend she met at Bible Camp over the summer. Maybe Quinn was looking for answers following her break-up from Finn and it forces her to devote herself to her faith again, where she meets a guy who can combine religion with being cool. It also works with the news that Sue Sylvester hates the new character, because she wouldn’t be able to understand a dreadlocked uber-Christian, and if he made Quinn dye her hair pink, the Cheerios coach would hate that.

For now, no one is eliminated. That’s right, Murphy and Brennan were generous (or total wusses) and let all four kids move on to next week’s finale, where a winner will be chosen and someone will join the cast of Glee for season 3. As I said, I’m going to be shocked if it’s anyone other than Samuel.

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